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Care Around Font:

Typography is a vital part of user interface design. It can be used to convey tone, create hierarchy, and communicate purpose.

Simpler shapes and patterns are more quickly and accurately parsed by the brain than complicated glyphs. This allows the text to be more easily scanned and understood.

Being able to offer clients distinctive fonts with clear, inclusive licensing can set designers apart from their competitors and lead to more work down the road.


Care Around Font is a fun handwritten font duo that’s perfect for adding a playful touch to your designs! The font has clear letters and good readability, making it easy to use in a variety of projects. The font comes with both a regular and italic version, as well as a set of matching dingbats. You can download the font for free from our site.

After downloading the font, be sure to save it in a location that’s easy to access. Oftentimes, font files will download in a ZIP or RAR file that you’ll need to expand before opening. Once you’ve saved the font, double-click on it and select “Install Font.” This will open a window that will help walk you through the process.

This font is for personal use only and can’t be used in products that can generate profits, such as T-shirts or other digital products. It’s also not allowed to be used in any project that can be viewed publicly, such as TV shows or YouTube videos. If you want to use this font for commercial purposes, you’ll need to purchase a license. If you’re interested in purchasing a commercial license, please contact the author directly.


Fonts can be confusing to designers, especially when it comes to their licensing terms. The vast array of variables can leave them wondering where their newfound can go, how many people can use them, and whether they will have to maintain a license down the road.

Depending on the typeface and its intended purpose, different font licenses exist. For example, if you are using it for web or mobile application development you need a webfont license. While a desktop license enables you to create graphical designs for both online and offline use, it does not allow you to embed fonts in code, which requires a separate font server license.

Another common license is the server font license, which is designed for businesses that sell customizable products. This allows users to personalize the design of a white-label product (like a T-shirt or tote bag) by adding their typesetting on top of the font provided by the foundry. Server fonts are usually limited by the number of CPUs installed on your server, and may also have a time limit.

Regardless of the license you choose, it is important to be familiar with the mechanics and requirements of each one. Being well-versed in font licensing can make you a valuable resource for clients and help them avoid the pitfalls of copyright infringement.


Care Around Font downloads in a ZIP file, and installing the font is straightforward. Just double-click the font file, and Windows or macOS will handle the rest. On macOS, the Fonts> application will open and process the font, and it’s ready to use. On Windows, simply install the font in your default system font folder.

Embedded fonts from services are normally implemented using a JavaScript or CSS snippet that makes requests to the third party, often for the actual font file. This can add a substantial delay to your site loading time and can result in Flash of Unstyled Text on slow connections.

Font files on macOS can be validated to find problems, including missing characters, incorrectly set metric values and glyph substitution tables. To check a single font, click its category in the sidebar, or select a font and Control-click it. A green icon indicates the font passed, yellow indicates a warning and red means it failed. You can also use the pop-up menu at the top of the Font Validation window to review warnings and errors.

Font Book automatically checks for duplicates when you add fonts, and a message appears if the same font is already installed on your computer. You can choose to keep both copies, skip the font installation, or replace the existing font. You can also manually resolve duplicates by selecting a duplicate and clicking Resolve Duplicates.


Care Around Font is a fun handwritten font duo that brings a fresh touch to your designs. It has clear letters and good readability, making it suitable for both casual and formal use. The font comes with 3 files and supports 37 languages. It was developed by 7NTypes and is free for personal use. It can be used in non-commercial projects such as videos, social media, t-shirt designs, and more. However, it can’t be used in commercial products that generate profit such as digital downloads and finished products.

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