Remove Google Fonts From a WordPress Theme


How to Remove Google Fonts From a WordPress Theme: If you want to remove Google Fonts from the WordPress theme, you can do so with the help of a child theme. This process requires a basic understanding of PHP and Bash. For users who are not comfortable with these languages, you should skip the first … Read more

Google Fonts Hindi Download Latest


Google Fonts Hindi, Caladea, Roboto, and Caladea: If you are looking for a stylish typeface that is both legible and readable, then the Hindi font is a good choice for you. Designed by Steve Matteson and commissioned by Google for Indic language web pages, Hind supports the Devanagari script (also known as the abugida writing … Read more

How to Use Google Fonts


What are Google Fonts? Google fonts are a web don’t service owned by Google. This includes free and open source font families and an interactive web directory for browsing the library. And APIs for using the fonts via CSS and Android. Initially launched in 2010 as web fonts, fonts are a collection of interfaces that … Read more