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Brush Script Font:

Brush Script Font Download Free can add a sense of friendly elegance to your designs. However, they can also be illegible if you don’t choose carefully. Here are six great picks that strike the right balance of style and legibility.

Featuring rough edges and natural strokes, this beautiful typeface has everything you need to give your design an authentic handcrafted feel. Brush Script Font Download Free is perfect for quotes, shirts, logos, and other professional projects.

Rainy Day:

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Mahelisa is a whimsical handwritten font with a casual charm that makes it look cool, crisp, readable, and ultimately incredibly versatile. It’s perfect for product packaging, Cricut, branding projects, magazines, social media, or any design project that requires a bold and elegant script font to stand out on its own.

This fancy calligraphy font is medium contrast and has adorable fancy swashes. It’s also perfect for logo designs, banners, titles, and more. The font also comes with 85 catchwords and ornaments that you can use to add some extra flair to your designs.

Another amazing brush script font is Scientific, which has a high contrast and cute signature style. It’s ideal for wedding cards, t-shirts, quotes, posters, and more. It also includes 432 glyphs and supports multiple languages. You can even use this font to design unique website headers and logos. It’s free for personal use, but you can purchase a license for commercial usage.


Featuring pretty and elegant strokes, Amelliyo is a beautiful brush font that serves both personal and professional projects. The font is available in TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats that can be accessed by multiple design software programs. Its natural brush strokes add aesthetic value to your designs and make them stand out from the crowd. It is suitable for book covers, branding posters, merchandise, quotes, and wedding invitations.

Another popular brush script font is Brux, which features a unique look and feel that can add a touch of creativity to your designs. This font is perfect for creating stylish logos, brochures, and other downloadable graphic design projects. Its versatility makes it a must-have for designers looking to maximize their design.

Gellatio is another brush font that closely resembles a natural hand-written script. The font has connected upper and lower case letterings, making it ideal for use in branding, greeting cards, and social media promotions. The font also includes ligature and stylistic features, making it easy to add color and flair to your designs. This font is perfect for any project that needs to look appealing and inviting.

Angella White:

Angella White is one of the best brush fonts available. It looks like real handwriting, and every stroke and curve was created to entice beauty and elegance. It is perfect for posters, brandings, invitations, titles, social media promotions, and greeting cards.

Its upper and lowercase letters are connected, making it more elegant. It also has ligature and stylistic features, so it can be used in both casual and formal designs. This font is ideal for logos, merchandise, and other professional design projects.

This font was designed by Din Studio. It has a unique style that will make your designs stand out from the crowd. Its characters are reminiscent of old-school calligraphy, which makes it suitable for any project. It is perfect for branding, merchandise, wedding invitations, and other professional designs. This font is free to use for personal designs, but you must purchase a commercial license if you want to use it in your business. It also works well with other fonts and is easy to read. It is also perfect for use in posters, wallpapers, and text headers.

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