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Neon Script Font:

If you want to add some neon flare to your design, then Neon Script Font Download Free is perfect for you. It has clean lines and curves that will make your designs look great.

Inspired by real shop front lettering and vintage wall paint advertisements, Neon Script Font Download Free is ideal for logos & branding. Its minimal letter forms have smooth rounded corners and, true to the real tubes, use lines with open start and endpoints.

Mexcellent Regular:

Neon sign fonts are perfect for adding a bright touch to your design. They come with different styles and features to give your designs a unique look. These fonts are incredibly versatile and can be used on any project, including logos, film titles, posters, and other types of creative projects. Some of these fonts even include a variety of glyphs, ligatures, and punctuation marks.

If you are looking for a font that looks like a real neon tube, then you should check out Nightlife from Popskraft. This font comes with rounded letters and has a classic style that will stand out in any type of design. It also supports Latin and European language characters.

Another great option is Mexcellent, which is a fancy groovy font that will add a retro feel to your design. This font features uppercase letters and numbers, as well as a large range of glyphs and ligatures.


Designed by Seniors Studio, Nickainley is a cursive font that has been beautifully crafted. It is perfect for creating stunning wedding invitations, thank-you cards, and more. It has a clean look and includes many different characters and ligatures. This font also has multilingual support, making it easy to use in any project.

This beautiful neon sign font has a modern feel and is ideal for edgy projects. It is great for use on bold headers, posters, and logos. It is free for personal and commercial use.

This neon sign font is designed to resemble the glowing signs on nightclubs and bars. It has a unique design and comes with an extensive set of characters, ligatures, and ornaments. Its upper and lowercase letters are smoothly rounded, and the letterforms have open start and end points, just like real neon tubes. This font is perfect for creating authentic-looking signs and logos.


If you’re looking for a font to add a neon glow effect to your designs, this one is the perfect choice. It’s a monoline script font inspired by old shop front lettering and vintage wall paint advertisements. It comes with a full set of characters and is ideal for use in logos, product packaging, party invitations, and other design projects.

This font is a monoline all-caps typeface designed by Letrasupply that includes upper and lowercase letters, numerals, basic punctuation marks, and more. It also features stylistic and contextual alternates, ligatures, and swashes. It’s also available in multilingual support.

This font is free for personal and commercial use. It’s perfect for creating posters and banners that will make your designs stand out from the crowd. Its smooth rounded corners and a limited number of weights make it a versatile font that can be used for all kinds of creative projects.

Portico Outline:

Furthermore, If you’re looking for a font that has the look of a neon sign, consider Portico Outline. This sans-serif font is perfect for titles and large lines of text, and it comes in both regular and outline versions. It also includes numbers and punctuation, and it’s free for personal use.

Another great option for a neon font is Coven, which is a bold display typeface with a distinct geometric style. It’s also available in outline and filled versions. It’s perfect for a range of design projects, including posters, album covers, and t-shirts.

Then, This beautiful font is designed by Xerographer Fonts as a clean rough font that looks like 80’s style neon. It’s perfect for logo designs, signage, badges, and other projects that need a bright, eye-catching look. It features upper and lowercase letters, numerals 0-9, and punctuation, and it supports multilingual characters. It’s also easy to pair with a variety of other fonts.

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