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Special Elite Font:

Special Elite Font Download Free was designed to resemble the look and feel of Smith Corona Special Elite Type No NR6 and Remington Noiseless typewriter models, featuring inked-up grunge with old-school analog flair that makes for ideal vintage-inspired designs.

This serif font was created by two extraordinary designers and released through an esteemed type foundry in 2013. It boasts many innovative glyphs and attractive display characters.

VT323 Font:

VT323 is an easy and professional font designed to look professional while remaining easy for readers to read, created from the glyphs used on DEC VT320 text terminals – still popular today by some users – which features straight shapes and consistent widths, making it suitable for headlines as well as body text.

Other fonts that could work well for an explainer video include Nixie One, Raleway, and Josefin Sans. While these fonts may be simplistic in appearance. They’re great at conveying informality in your video while remaining suitable for various content types.

Oranienbaum, a contemporary high-contrast Antiqua font licensed under SIL Open Font License version 1.1 is another excellent option. This license aims to promote worldwide collaborative font projects by offering an open framework in which fonts may be shared and improved freely, commercially, and noncommercially. It may be used for any purpose imaginable – commercial and non-commercially alike!

Text Me One:

Special Elite by Astigmatic is a typewriter font designed to bring vintage style back into digital designs and websites. Boasting both grungy inked-up grunge and old-school analog charm. Special Elite works beautifully when integrated with websites and designs while offering an extensive figure set.

Fonts tell your customers who you are, so selecting complementary fonts for your business can help create its identity. Choose playful yet playful fonts; strong yet traditional ones; sleek yet sexy fonts or sleek but sexy ones to help build an authentic identity for yourself and your brand.

Brusher is a thick modern brush font created by Vlad Cristea and Raul Taciu that is great for logotypes and headlines, pairing well with Monsterrat or Open Sans. Bungee also offers a similar style; both fonts can easily be downloaded with an extensive Unicode character range for convenient signage use.


Oleo was created by Vlad Cristea and Raul Taciu to offer an attractive yet casual lettering effect for casual situations, captions, or bold headlines, pairing well with other fonts like Open Sans.

The font is an ideal solution for creating t-shirt designs and logos or business cards, thanks to its elegant appearance and its slanted strokes that make reading it effortlessly. Available both as OTF and TTF files and easily downloadable free of charge – ideal for explaining video After Effects templates!

Astigmatic AOETI’s Special Elite font is ideal for adding fun designs. Use our text generator tool below to preview this font and generate attractive text graphics online. Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Special Elite font works across operating systems and can be customized into any color imaginable!

Allerta Stencil:

Allerta Stencil Font is a futuristic stencil font ideal for Cricut stencil projects. With its rugged texture and sci-fi style. Allerta also adds some masculine edge and sophistication – ideal for projects where an extra bit of flair and class is desired.

Allerta font boasts an easily legible script that makes it an excellent choice for explaining video content. Allerta’s casual feel makes it particularly effective for showing celebrations or events. Allerta can even be easily read from a distance when used for video presentations.

Fontsource-alerts-stencil has earned a popularity score of 1 out of 2. It has been reviewed for any known vulnerabilities and deemed safe to use based on Snyk Advisor’s full health analysis report.

Bevan Script:

Script fonts add an air of style and sophistication to any design, whether casual or more formal. Although more decorative than functional. Script fonts should only be used sparingly or for specific effects or purposes. Depending on their usage they can create eye-catching text graphics that will catch people’s eyes and win over an audience.

Vernon Adams created Bevan as a contemporary script with the feeling of high school crush’s love notes, or 1920s typewriter lettering. Bold yet energetic yet legible at medium sizes.

Brushy italic font Montserrat is designed for display and headline use. Adding elegance or personality to projects that need something different than standard serif fonts such as Open Sans and Raleway. It works particularly well when combined.

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