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Dalek Font:

Dalek Font Download Free is an elegant distressed small caps face with overtones of Greek, Phoenician, and runic alphabets. This font comes with Regular and Heavyweights as well as Italics that feature optically corrected oblique. Font Bros downloads also include Greek capitals/small caps.

Utilize this font to craft eye-catching text graphics and logos, or transform your texts into audio.

Dalek Regular:

Since 1963, when Daleks first made their first appearance on the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. There have been various prop variants used on-screen. Color schemes and design details have been applied to exterior surfaces while different speaker grille and dome types have also been employed on props. A comprehensive listing of Dalek prop variants can be found on an external website called TARDIS WIKI.

K-Type’s Distressed Dalek font, featuring overtones of Greek, Phoenician, and Runic alphabets is inspired by lettering seen in The Daleks Book from 1964 and TV21 comic’s Daleks strip (both spinoffs from Doctor Who). Regular and Heavyweights of the full font exist additionally. There are Italics with optically corrected obliques for each Italic. Plus an Italic Bold Italic for optical correction purposes and Latin Extended-A characters for complete coverage of Dr. Who fans!

Dalek Pinpoint is K-Type’s contemporary update of their distressed Dalek font family. Designed as a small caps face with overtones for Greek, Phoenician, and Runic letters similar to comic book lettering from the 1960s. The family offers Regular and Bold weights. Plus optically correct Italics that feature optical obliques. As well as a Latin Extended-A characters complete set.

Dalek Heavy

Since Doctor Who debuted on BBC’s science fiction television show in 1963. Various variations of Dalek props have appeared in its show. One such Dalek variant that stands out is the Special Weapons Dalek (pictured above). Featuring metallic bronze paintwork and featuring an enormous energy cannon on its armored casing instead of a manipulator arm and eyestalks.

Dalek sculptures have long been seen as a satirical commentary on military and government authority. Especially third-generation models characterized by the color grey that often represents casual cruelty within many military and government organizations.

K-Type’s distressed Dalek typeface is inspired by lettering found in both the 1964 Dalek Book and TV21 comic, both spinoffs of the UK sci-fi television show Doctor Who. It contains all Latin Extended-A characters while featuring overtones of Greek, Phoenician, and Runic alphabets; plus both Regular and Bold weights in regular as well as italic with optically corrected obliques are available.

Dalek Light:

By the late 1960s, all Daleks had been upgraded with new dome lights to replace their earlier “eggcup” style lights. These dome lights could easily be recognized as similar automotive lighting seen on minis and Land Rovers of that era; with clear lenses and amber bulbs. Furthermore, each lens had a custom-made cage assembly initially cast from aluminum but later cast with resin or 3D printed for 3D printed models; today this style remains a favorite option among DIY Dalek builders.

Eyestalks have also varied considerably since they first made an appearance. One notable model, which featured a black pupil for the first time was Dalek Strategist from Planet Of The Daleks which Terry Nation provided us.

Newer Daleks have increasingly taken on a blue hue. First seen on Dalek Time Strategist from The Asylum Of The Daleks and then adopted for use in The New Series by its casing being colored purple. Featuring an extended neck bin and additional neck rings; additionally. Their fender and collar have become more pronounced over time.

Dalek Italic:

Dalek Pinpoint is K-Type’s clean and precise version of their distressed Dalek typeface, an eye-catching small caps font with overtones of Greek, Phoenician, and Runic alphabets. Inspired by lettering seen in The Dalek Book from 1964 and The TV21 Comic Daleks Strip from 1979 based on the UK science fiction TV show Doctor Who. Dalek Pinpoint comes in three weights Regular Heavy Light and Bold Italic which each provides an optically corrected oblique. All fonts contain full Latin Extended-A characters for maximum impact

These fonts have been specifically created to replicate the look and feel of original lettering from television shows as closely as possible. Including details like slanted italic style which mimics its appearance on-screen. And round style which echoes the original round shapes found within lettering on screen. Downloading individual fonts or downloading an entire set is quick and simple with your operating system.

Dalek Pinpoint:

K-Type’s Dalek Pinpoint font offers a precise and clean take on K-Type’s distressed Dalek font. Inspired by lettering used in the 1964 Dalek Book and TV21 comic’s Daleks strip from the UK science fiction series Doctor Who’s spin-off TV21 comic series TV21 Comic. Dalek Pinpoint includes Regular, Heavy, and Italic weights. With both offer optically corrected obliques (optically corrected obliques). Both fonts provide access to full Latin Extended-A characters for use across platforms including iPhone.

Although their bodies are constructed from bronze they appear like large toys. The Daleks are an impressively effective fighting machine. Their domes can rotate 360 degrees while their plunger and gun arms have ball jointing for easy ball jointing movement and they roll along on concealed wheels beneath. Their eyestalks can raise and lower as needed while other features enable them to be highly adaptable fighters.

Though driven by hatred and aggression. The Daleks of Skaro are also highly effective and efficient. One of the few species capable of destroying entire planets with ease. Their relentless quest for perfection has made them one of the most feared creatures in all of space.

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