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Andika Font:

Andika Font Download Free is a sans serif font that is widely preferred by literacy personnel for teaching people how to read due to its simpler forms and less cluttered design compared to many serif fonts. Additionally, Andika supports advanced OpenType features that make literacy work more efficient.

If you make changes to the font (such as adding additional glyphs or improving hinting). Please consider contributing back so others may benefit from your work.


SIL International introduces Andika, a family of sans serif fonts designed specifically for literacy work. Its forms are more straightforward and uncluttered than those found in many serif fonts. Advanced OpenType features enable you to adjust number and letter shapes according to local preferences. It contains complete character sets for many world languages as well as support for diacritical marks used in linguistic and literacy work. It’s available both as desktop fonts as well as web fonts from our Download page – be sure to take note!

SIL International is providing this Font Software under the SIL Open Font License (SIL OFL), designed to promote collaborative font projects worldwide and offer a flexible framework within which they may develop and improve. The OFL is a broad, open license that enables copyright holders to place legal restrictions on font distribution and usage but does not limit how they may be used otherwise. Copyright Holder(s) or Author(s) may not use their names to promote, endorse, or advertise any Modified Version of Font Software without explicit written permission from them. In addition, this OFL prohibits advertising using Reserved Font Names which should adhere to OFL naming guidelines.


Andika Font Download Free features a stylish and contemporary aesthetic. Making it perfect for wall displays, wedding invitations, social media post logos, product designs, labeling projects, or anything that requires tasteful handwriting. Furthermore, its versatile format can also serve as a text overlay on background images. Both regular and bold styles are available so it should be easy to find one that best meets your needs.

Andika (pronounced Aendig-ka) is a sans serif font designed specifically for literacy use. It takes into account the need for legible letterforms that can easily be perceived by readers. As one of SIL International’s first fonts to support advanced OpenType features. Andika allows users to easily customize number forms and letter shapes according to local preferences.

Andika supports an extensive range of languages using Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts. As well as IPA transcription and diacritics – as well as providing limited character sets to meet users who require smaller font file sizes for their projects.

This font software is released under the SIL Open Font License version 1.1 and users are granted the rights to copy, modify, distribute, and/or sell it as long as a notice clearly stating its SIL font status is present on any copy sold/distributed/sold under this Open Font License.


Andika Bold Italic font is an informal yet fun font with stylish letters that is ideal for wall displays. Branding projects, invitations, social media post logos houseware designs, and product packaging. Use it to add stylish text overlays on photos or backgrounds!

SIL International created the Andika family specifically to meet the literacy needs of beginning readers. With forms that are simpler and less cluttered than most serif fonts, offering clear letterforms that won’t easily get confused among themselves.

This package provides LaTX, pdfLaTX, and XLaTX support for Andika font as well as a font-face CSS snippet to quickly incorporate it into documents. Download all three components as one zip archive (3.9M).

This font is free for personal use, while commercial licenses can be purchased to access additional features or use it in production environments. Stay up-to-date on updates regarding SIL fonts by subscribing to our Font News Announcement List or following us on Twitter. Both are great ways of staying informed on what’s going on!


Andika Font Download Free is an attractive serif font perfect for branding projects. Housewares designs, product packaging, or text overlaying images. It features various stylistic alternatives and ligatures to help create striking and original designs. Plus supports an impressive number of languages and characters!

The SIL International specifically design andika for literacy use. Taking into account the needs of beginning readers and including features proven to promote legibility. The forms used are simple, nearly monoline, and easily copied with pencil or chalk. Its joins (where straight stems connect with other strokes) are low like handwriting while. Its shapes differing from similar bowls reduce confusion.

Andika is a Sans-serif, Unicode-compliant font featuring over 4,700 characters. Including an extended Cyrillic set – making it suitable for most operating systems. You can preview this font before downloading, It is free for personal use and may be licensed commercially. For more details see the font license page.

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