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Carlito Font From Google Fonts:

Are you looking for a free and open-source font? If so, the Carlito font might be a great choice for you. This article will cover its characteristics, download, and comparison with Calibri. It is also available as a CSS file font. So, why should you choose it? Read on to find out! Also, remember to check out its character set! There are lots of benefits to using open-source fonts.

Download the latest Carlito Font Google Fonts:

You can download and use the Carlito font from Google Fonts to customize the appearance of your website and online documents. This metric version of the popular Cambo font can be used in web pages and CSS files. This font is available for free and open source. This metric version has many benefits, including easy conversion and scalability. It is recommended that you check its demo before downloading it.

The Carlito font family comes in a variety of styles. Regular, bold, and italic are available in this SIL Open Font License-compliant typeface. Its glyphs cover Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Calibri, and it is available in both small and medium sizes. For more information, check out the font family at Google Fonts. Just be sure to read the license carefully and follow the instructions closely.


If you are looking for a metric-compatible Sans-serif font, you should download the Carlito font family. This family includes two styles, regular and bold, and includes 2782 glyphs in Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Calibri. The Carlito font family includes a number of options, including weight and kerning, as well as a number of other character sets. For use on the web, you can download the Carlito font and install it using yum or DNF.

In addition to offering a large selection of styles, Google Fonts is free to download. And since they are maintained and delivered by Google, they are completely safe. Some websites can have questionable font quality. Fortunately, Google has carefully curated a list of over a thousand high-quality fonts for download. That means that you can feel comfortable using them on your website or in your work environment.

Comparison with Calibri:

The first thing to note is the similarity in design between the two typefaces. For example, the latter contains a visible homoglyph which could lead to confusion and may result in forgery. The two types are not quite the same, but they are similar enough to be considered close cousins. In addition, both fonts contain handwriting influences that are common among modern sans-serif typefaces.

While Carlito has some similarities, it is more modern than its cousin. Calibri is a metrically-compatible alternative to Carlito, while Carlito is designed for a broader audience. This typeface is primarily used for resumes, while Cambria was commissioned by Microsoft in 2004. Although both fonts are compatible with Office, the former may not be suitable for many contemporary jobs.


If you want to download the Carlito font, you can do so right now. Google has made this font available for free on its site. This means that you can use it in your web, print, or design projects. It is also free to download and embed, making it a convenient choice for both beginners and experienced designers alike. Google Fonts follow the Open Type Initiative (OTI) standards and adhere to the same licensing policies as other professional typefaces.

You can install this open-source typeface on your system by installing the google-crosextra-Carlito-fonts package on your system. This font family has a regular, bold, and italic version, which are available to use in web design projects. It is available for Mac and Linux computers and is metrically compatible with the Calibri font. This font family is licensed under the SIL Open Font License.


If you’re looking for a modern sans serif font that matches Microsoft’s Calibri, you’ve come to the right place. Carlito is a metric-compatible alternative to Microsoft’s Calibri font. It comes in three styles: bold, regular, and italic. Carlito covers the languages Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, and has about 2,000 glyphs. Its SIL Open Font License makes it free for commercial use.

This license is intended to foster the worldwide development of collaborative font projects, including those from the academic and linguistic communities. It provides an open framework for font sharing, allowing fonts to improve and distribute freely. The license does not apply to individual components of a font. It is also intended to encourage the creation and use of innovative fonts. There are no commercial implications, however, if you create and distribute fonts under the Carlito font.

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