Blacksword Font


Blacksword Font: Blacksword Font is an amazing calligraphy typeface that can be used in any design project. It was designed by Youssef Habchi and is available in a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, standard ligatures, and swashes. You can download this font for free, but you must purchase the full … Read more

Roboto Slab Black Font

Roboto Slab Black Font: If you want a typeface that’s simple and modern, Roboto Slab Black Font is a perfect choice. It was created by one of Google’s leading font designers, Christian Robertson. The family includes nine weights with italic versions, ranging from thin to black. It can be used for any text-based project, from … Read more

Roboto Slab Font


Roboto Slab Font: Roboto Slab Font is a typeface designed in-house by Christian Robertson for Google. It’s a great option for websites that need a smooth reading experience. The Roboto family includes twelve different styles and has gone through a few updates and improvements since its release in 2011. This makes it a great choice … Read more

Josefin Sans Regular Font


Josefin Sans Regular and Italic Fonts: Josefin Sans Regular Font is an eye-catching, quirky font style that combines Scandinavian aesthetics with modern detailing. It features lightweight lines that are easy on the eyes. So, it comes in a wide range of weights and is a perfect choice for headlines, body copy, and other text-heavy elements. … Read more

Josefin Sans Font


Josefin Sans Font Review: Josefin Sans is a geometric, elegant, vintage font meant for use in larger sizes. It is inspired by some geometric styles in the 1920s, including Rudolf Koch’s Kabel (1927), Rudolf Wolf’s Memphis ( 1930), and Paul Renner’s Futura. The low x-height makes it ideal for display and headlines. It is available … Read more

Cinzel Regular Font


Cinzel Regular Font: Cinzel Regular Font is a great serif typeface that comes in a highly legible design. Designed by Natanael Gama, this is a free font that works perfectly in any kind of design project. Inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions, this typeface is based on classical proportions. It’s not a simple revivalism but it … Read more

Cinzel Decorative Bold Font


Cinzel Decorative Bold Font: If you’re looking for a classic serif font that will set the mood before you even read the text, check out Cinzel Decorative Bold Font. Designed by Natanael Gama, it’s a beautiful and charming typeface that will bring a unique look to your design. Based on first-century Roman inscriptions, Cinzel gives … Read more

Cinzel Decorative Font


Cinzel Decorative Font: If you’re looking for a font that will give your design projects a classic feel, then Cinzel Decorative Font is a perfect choice. This all-caps typeface is based on early Roman inscriptions but has been transformed into a distinctly modern interpretation. It’s a versatile font that can be used in a range … Read more