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Kruti Dev 050 Wide Font Download free:

The Kruti-Dev typeface is a Remington Devanagari font. This is the typeface commonly uses in northern Indian states for writing Hindi. Its wide glyphs make it easy to read and write in Excel, but it may not be the most popular choice. If you need a Hindi typeface for your computer, you may also want to download the free version.


You can download the Kruti Dev 050 wide font for free. This typeface comes in different subfamilies, which means you can download different styles of text. The number of the font family corresponds to its width, boldness, italics, etc.

You can choose the desired one according to its attributes and use it to create interesting designs, logos, and covers. Similarly, this typeface is also suitable for branding projects. This font is especially suitable for houseware and can use as an elegant text overlay on any background image.

Most Downloaded Font:

The Kruti Dev 050 Wide regular typeface has been downloaded 1174 times. This Hindi typeface has originally developed for the Remington typewriter, a popular machine that uses a Remington-style keyboard layout.

Hence, this font uses still by many public service commissions in North India, where the keyboard layout is similar to those of a typewriter. You can download this font for free if you’re looking for an inexpensive font to use in your documents.

Character set:

This is a regular, non-Unicode clip font typeface for Windows. It is part of the Regular font family and has a character set that includes small caps, underlines, and other basic elements. There are several character sets for this font.

It is also available in bold, italic, and wide styles. Listed below are the different character sets available in Kruti Dev 050 Wide.

  • This typeface is one of the oldest and most popular Hindi typefaces in existence.
  • It uses the old Remington typewriter keyboard layout to represent the script of Hindi.
  • It uses widely in Indian typing exams, especially in the north.
  • This typeface is an excellent choice for students and professionals who want to learn and practice Hindi.
  • In addition, Kruti Dev is non-Unicode, which means that it’s perfect for teaching Hindi.

Character attributes:

The characters of the Kruti Dev 050 Wide regular typeface characterize by their width and italic styles. This typeface is not compatible with Unicode or other specialized encoding schemes. The font’s character attributes can be seen by looking at its character map.

The font’s character attributes are indicated by a number after the font’s title. If you need help in identifying the character attributes, see the table below.

Compatible with Excel computation and dashboards:

If you need to create an Excel dashboard, Kruti Dev o50 wide font is perfect for you. This typeface is not only compatible with Excel computation, but it is also a popular choice for blog posts and tattoo designs. Kruti Dev fonts are also preferred by presentation designers. They are versatile enough to be used for various purposes, including writing, blog posts, and even spreadsheets.

Suitable for typists:

This type of Kruti Dev font is perfect for the purpose of tattoo design, writing, and blog posts. Typists can use this type of font in any type of application, including Word and other text document programs. Besides tattoos, this type of font is also favored by presentation designers.

Its compatibility with dashboards and excel computation also makes it suitable for use in presentations. If you have good hand-eye coordination, you can use this Hindi typeface.

It’s an ideal choice for typists who need to type Hindi text at high speed. Its wide-set characters help you type faster, and you can also read the text in other languages, like English or Korean. The Kruti Dev 050 Wide font is a versatile choice.

Compatible with Unicode:

What are the different types of characters? The Unicode character set has 1,114,112 and 232 distinct points. This character map accommodates the many scripts used throughout the world. The hexadecimal system used for this mapping ranges from 0 to FFFFFF.

For example, the Latin k and Greek k are both assigned Unicode values of 6B and 3BA, respectively. However, there are some exceptions. For compatibility reasons, the installable character sets contain a meta character set instead of Unicode.

The meta character set uses for compatibility reasons, but some characters are not available. Characters that are in fonts 0, 1, 2, and 3 are also in the meta character set. All the other character sets are installable. This means that if you want to use a character set that uses a different character set, you can simply assign it to a different one.

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