Arabic Calligraphy Fonts

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Arabic Calligraphy Fonts:

Arabic calligraphy fonts are an integral part of a professional graphic designer’s repertoire. Choosing the right fonts is essential for enhancing the visual appeal of a design. Luckily, free fonts for Arabic calligraphy are available. If you’re looking for an Arabic calligraphy font, there are several choices you should consider.

Noto Sans Arabic:

The Noto Sans Arabic calligraphy font is an unmodulated sans serif typeface designed for the Arabic script of the Middle East. It has 1,642 glyphs and comes in several weights and widths. Noto is a multilingual font and is suited for a variety of applications.

So, Noto Sans Arabic is available via an open-source license and is compatible with Adobe Fonts accounts. Noto Sans Arabic is a free download. It also comes in different weights and styles and is available as a subscription to Adobe Fonts. There are many fonts to choose from, but you should always keep the licensing requirements in mind.

Noto Sans Arabic calligraphy font was developed in collaboration with many stakeholders, including software and OS vendors, small publishers, and endangered language communities. It consists of eight weights and supports symbols, emojis, and musical notation. It was developed in the spirit of open source design and required intensive research. Developers worked with script specialists and native speakers of the script to ensure that Noto Sans looks and works as natively as possible.

TC Handel Gothic Arabic:

The ITC Handel Gothic Arabic calligraphy typeface is a contemporary Kufi design that is ideal for headlines and logos. Developed by Nadine Chahine, this font is available in 5 weights. It is monolinear and features typical Kufi construction. It also functions well in small sizes and has a homogeneous pattern. So, it is available in OpenType and TrueType formats.

It is used in many different fields, including the design of cars. Originally, it was used on model badges for Volvo cars but was later used on the instrument panels of early-to-mid-80s Volvos. In the 1990s, the font was also used on dashboard graphics. In addition, it was used on the signage at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center prior to refurbishment. It has also been used in id Software’s 2010 video game Quake Live.

TC Handel Gothic is available in five weights and ligatures. It also supports Cyrillic script and includes a large variety of contextual variants. It also supports basic Latin and Arabic languages.

HS Alnada:

HS Alnada is a modern, open-type Arabic typeface with a Kufi/Naskh hybrid that balances angular cuts with construction. This Arabic typeface is ideal for titles, text, and modern designs. It is available in five weights and is suitable for use in advertising, extended texts, and the creative industries.

The HS Alnada Arabic calligraphy font is available for free download and features a sleek modern look. It has ample free space around the text and features a signature arch and loops for a bold look. It can be used for books, newspapers, greeting cards, and magazine layouts. So, it blends English words with a traditional Arabic font style, and its boldness and signature arch make it an excellent choice for many purposes.

Another Arabic calligraphy font by HS is Takween. It is based on the Ruq’a calligraphy style popular in the 50s and 60s. It includes an extensive set of ligatures, and it supports Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and Kurdish. The Abdo Line is a good choice for books and comes in a variety of weights.


The Reqa’ style is an Arabic calligraphy font. This type is similar to the thuluth style but features a more compact shape, shorter strokes, and small flourishes. Its origin is unsure, but it is most likely from the tenth century. It is a traditional style used in headlines and body text.

It was designed by Dr. Mamoun Sakkal, a type designer and calligrapher who lived in Syria and now teaches at the University of Washington. The Arabic letters are arranged in a column with a central axis. This column provides a clearer view of each letter.

So, the Reqa’ font has been designed to be easy to read and install. It includes a wide range of symbols and stylistic ligatures. It is suitable for branding and posters.

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