Free Elegant Wedding Fonts

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Free Elegant Wedding Fonts:

Choosing the right font for your wedding invitation can be challenging. There are several different styles to choose from, including Sans-serif, Script, and Handwritten. There’s also a huge selection of free wedding fonts to suit all tastes. Below we’ve listed some of the best choices.

Calligraphy fonts:

There are a number of free, elegant wedding calligraphy fonts that you can use on your wedding invitations. Whether you want to make the words look fancy, or make your invitations look traditional, these styles are perfect for the occasion. There are many different fonts available online and they can all be downloaded for free.

For example, Alex Brush is an elegant free wedding calligraphy font designed by TypeSETit. It has over 180 glyphs and is easy to read. Another free wedding calligraphy font is Windsong, which has a unique look compared to other wedding calligraphy fonts.

Sans-serif fonts:

Sans-serif fonts are a great choice for an elegant wedding. They provide a classic look, but they’re also versatile enough to be used in many different contexts. They’re ideal for formal documents, greeting cards, and advertising. They include upper and lowercase characters, ligatures, bold weights, and multilingual support.

Whether you’re designing invitations or other wedding materials, serif fonts add elegance to the page. Playfair Display, a classic-style serif font, has subtle transitions between thick and thin lines. Montserrat Light, a linear serif font, plays off the upright structure of Playfair Display. You can also use italicized lines to nuance main font pairs.

Another option is a handwritten script font. This elegant typeface features romantic lines and curves. It’s perfect for wedding invitations and other products with a romantic theme.

Script fonts:

If you’re putting together an elegant wedding invitation, you might consider a wedding script font. A script font has many benefits, including a traditional look and feel. It’s also easy to read. Choose one of these three free wedding script fonts, and you’ll have the perfect wedding invitation in no time!


This elegant wedding script font is perfect for your wedding invitations. It includes over 30 different designs, as well as ten ready-to-use wedding stationery suites. It’s free for commercial use and includes several hundred glyphs, contextual alternates, and ligatures.

Free wedding script fonts are an excellent option if you want to personalize your stationery. They can make it look more personalized and give it a bit more pizzazz. Choose a wedding script font that suits your personality and complements the overall look of your wedding.

Handwritten fonts:

If you’re looking for a wedding handwritten font, there are plenty of options out there. For instance, you can download the Free Elegant Wildflower Wedding font for free to create a beautiful, modern wedding invitation. It features a romantic, calligraphic look and is available in four different colors.

Another free font is the Minna Drop font, which is a delicate serif font with teardrop letter endings. Its sweet style and delightful nature make it the perfect font for wedding invitations. You can download it for free from Behance. You may also want to check out the Senior Studios font, which is an aristocratic script design. This typeface is also free to download and can be used for personal use.

You can also download the Banks Handwritten Script font, which is designed to mimic the look of handwritten love notes. It has a variety of weights and extra ornaments. It is a great font for wedding invitations, branding projects, and more. This script font is also available in OTF, TTF, and WEB FONT formats.

Typography fonts:

If you are planning a romantic wedding, there are many free elegant wedding fonts to choose from. Some of the best examples are Jenna Sue, which is a romantic font that’s a good fit for invitations, thank you cards, and DIY projects. Another typeface that’s a great fit for a wedding is Aquafina Script, which has flowing characters and a retro feel that’s ideal for wedding stationery.

This script font is a great choice if you want to create a Victorian-style wedding. The swirls and curves on its capital letters create a lovely look, and it’s free for personal and commercial use.

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