Invitation Fonts in Word

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Invitation Fonts in Word:

When you’re creating an invitation template in Word, you’ll be faced with the choice of a font. This article will cover some of the options you have to choose from. We’ll look at Charleston regular, Magnolia, Kaylar Script, and Pinyon Script.

Charleston regular:

For a classic, elegant look on your wedding invitations, use the Charleston Regular font. This elegant, cursive typeface is free to download and use for text graphics and logos. It pairs well with the Theano Didot font, another classic calligraphy style. You can also use it to save the date cards and thank you notes.

This typeface is easily readable and comes with 196 defined characters and 107 unique glyphs. Its design makes it perfect for many occasions, from wedding invitations to business cards and posters.

When selecting a font for your wedding, make sure it fits your wedding theme. Script fonts tend to be more traditional and formal, while Calligraphy fonts tend to have a more personal, tailored look. You can choose one or combine several fonts to create a truly unique design.


Whether you’re planning a wedding, creating stationery, or branding your business, you can use Magnolia Invitation Fonts in Word to create the perfect invitations. This elegant script typeface comes with tons of alternate characters, swashes, and stylistic sets. It’s perfect for wedding invitations, branding projects, social media posts, and more. This font comes with multilingual support.

One of the most popular wedding invitation fonts, Magnolia is perfect for classic or modern wedding invitations. This font is easy to read and has beautiful swashes. It’s also easy to work with and produces professional results.

Kaylar Script:

Using the Kaylar Script font on your invitations is a simple way to add a unique style to your invitation design. The font comes in a variety of colors and sizes and includes upper and lowercase characters. It also has punctuation, ligatures, and multilingual support. You can download it for free and install it on your computer.

If you are looking for a unique, contemporary script font, you may want to consider using Free Noelan Script Font. It is designed by Ndroadv and features a clean, modern look. The font also includes a variety of alternates and international characters.

Pinyon Script:

If you want to create elegant invitation art, you should try the Pinyon Script font. It’s a connected script face with an open-source license designed by Nicole Fally. The font comes in single styles, and you can download it for free from Google Fonts. Once you have downloaded it, you can install it to use it on your own documents.

It’s available for free for personal and commercial use and is particularly appropriate for small and medium-sized headlines. It’s legible and has a feminine feel to it. This font comes in bold and regular versions.

Le More Collection Font Duo:

If you are designing invitations, you should consider using the Le More Collection Font Duo. It is a pair of contemporary serif fonts. The collection includes signature script fonts and unique serif ligature fonts. It can be used in a variety of design projects and is suitable for all uppercase and lowercase characters. The fonts in this collection also contain all punctuation and 64 automatic ligatures.

Besides having modern lettering, this font duo also contains elegant decorative accents that can make your invitations stand out. It is ideal for modern weddings and sophisticated events. The fonts have several alternate letters and ligatures to make them even more versatile.


When a client asks you to create a special invitation, there are many different fonts that you can choose from. These fonts vary in size, style, and personality. You can choose a bold, elegant font or one that is a little more playful. You can also choose a font that is suitable for both formal and informal events.

Choosing a font for your wedding invitation is an important detail. Using the right type of font will set the right tone for the invitation.

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