Gotham Medium Italic

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Gotham Medium Italic From Fontsup:

If you are looking for a free medium italic font, then you’ve come to the right place. You can download Gotham Medium Italic right from Fontsup. This font has been uploaded on 06 May 2015 and is in the style of the medium. Fontsup currently has over 4876 medium fonts.

If you would like to see more fonts in the medium style, you can find the information below. Fontsup also welcomes user-submitted fonts.

Gotham is a sans serif:

Gotham is a versatile sans serif font that comes in a variety of weights. Gotham’s versatility means you can use it for both small and large text. Its varied weights are good for both body copy and headlines. Gotham also has many alternates, which can be applied together in many applications.

The Gotham typeface is available in four weights and in a variety of widths. It also includes deep character sets, extended language support, and versions for various media. Gotham Medium Italic is an elegant option for headlines or long texts. The widths are generous and the character set allows for large, bold headlines.

Gotham is an impressive typeface designed by Tobias Frere-Jones and published by Hoefler & Co. It is one of the most popular fonts of the last decade. The font was used extensively in the 2008 presidential campaign. It was inspired by the architectural lettering of mid-century New York City. It is available in eight weights and four widths.

Gotham is a popular font family. Its wide aperture makes it suitable for body copy and display. It has been used extensively on the Obama campaign and Freedom Tower. It is a neutral sans serif and has several weights and italics.

Gotham is a free font:

Gotham Medium Italic is a medium italic font from the Gotham family of fonts. This free font is available for both personal and commercial use. It is a great choice for branding projects, houseware designs, and product packaging. It also looks great as a stylish text overlay over background images.

The font family also includes a variety of alternates for various tasks, and it is grouped into Stylistic Sets for easier application. This font is also kerned and spaced automatically. The font is suited for both digital and print applications, and you can choose between optical or metrics kerning.

Gotham is a large, bold sans serif with a generous fit and clear gestures. It is a well-suited choice for a wide range of sizes and is also available as ScreenSmart fonts. These fonts have been specially designed for use on screens, and offer superior rendering in web browsers.

Gotham Medium font comes in a family of 10 fonts. These include regular, book, medium, bold, light, and italic. As a free font, Gotham is a great choice for personal and commercial use. However, if you are planning on using this font for commercial purposes, you should first check the licensing agreement to see if it is free for commercial use.

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