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Nunito Font – Modern Typefaces For Headlines and Subheadings:

If you are looking for a modern font that can be used for headlines and subheadings, you should check out Nunito Font. It is a black and white font that was designed by Vernon Adams. Many companies are using it to communicate a modern message. Its black and white color palette can help focus on the information needed by readers.

Open Sans:

Open Sans typeface is available for free online. This sans-serif font is great for titles, headings, buttons, and paragraph text. It is similar to Calibri, another popular sans-serif typeface. The font’s simplified structure makes it easier for users with disabilities to read.

Nunito is available in seven weights, making it ideal for complex projects. Its round stroke caps make it a good choice for app interfaces, but it is not the best choice for body copy.


If you want a modern slab serif typeface that has a comforting vibe, consider Nunito Font Enriqueta. The superfamily of two fonts contains both a regular and an extended version. Both are great for bold headlines and are available in Adobe Creative Suite.

The Enriqueta typeface is pixel-perfect and is perfect for digital applications. This typeface is also well suited for premium prints. Its creator, Soramitsu, shows hints of early screen typography while incorporating the latest digital environment. The font is a premium typeface that is highly readable in all sizes.

Geonik Pro:

Geonik Pro font is a modern sans-serif typeface that will suit any minimalist or creative typography design. The font has eight styles, ranging from bold to medium to light. It also includes ligatures, tabular figures, and extended language support. Geonik Pro is ideal for use in headlines and other display formats.

Trajan Pro:

The Nunito Font for Trajan Pro is a serif font with a Greek slant, designed by Carol Twombly, a former Adobe designer. The font features classical proportions and crispness and has all-caps support. As a bonus, this typeface includes ligatures and alternative letterforms.

Features of Trajan Pro:

A typeface is a great option for logos and posters. The Trajan Pro font family includes both desktop and web versions. The free Minion Pro font is another great web font, and it is also compatible with Trajan Pro. There’s also a Trajan Pro Generator, which can be used to create a logo or poster with this typeface.

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