Indian Font Free Download

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Indian Font Free Download

Looking for an Indian font for your Windows-based projects? There are plenty of options available. You can opt for the san-serif Indian sans-serif, Mantra, or Rainy Days fonts. All three are suitable for any kind of design work and are free to download. So, here we go to share the latest Indian Font Free Download.

AZ Indian:

The AZ Indian font was inspired by the logo of an early Indian Motorcycle. It is a stylish, worn-out font that looks great on headlines and vintage designs. As it is available in both TTF and OTF formats, it can be used for a wide variety of design projects.

Its multilingual capabilities and wide range of styles make it ideal for use in business, advertising, logos, editorials, and more. It also includes the Indian language and characters. It is suitable for many applications, including wedding invitations, greeting cards, and packaging. So, it also includes ligatures, punctuation, and numerals.


The Mantra Indian font is a free font that can be used for various purposes. The font has many styles and is great for logos, greeting cards, and branding. It also has several ligatures and is available in both TTF and OTF formats. You can also use it for multilingual purposes, and it has many different languages supported. Its unique design is reminiscent of the lines found on the packaging of Indian scent sticks. You can use it for various types of designs, from yoga to wedding invitations.

This font is perfect for Indian-themed projects because it combines upper and lowercase letters with ligatures. It is also compatible with Unicode encoding for Vedic symbols. Because of its clean texture, this font is ideal for use on religious or scientific texts, and it can be used for various other design projects.

Rainy Days:

Rainy Days is an inky typeface that has a hand-painted look. It was created with black Indian ink and features bonus elements and vector swirls. This typeface is free to download and use on any device. It is suitable for both commercial and personal uses. It is a great option for anyone looking for a fun typeface to use in their design projects.

Inspired by classic typography, Rainy Days is a versatile typeface that brings a unique style to any design project. This elegant font is perfect for stationary art, greeting cards, wedding invitations, and much more.

AZ Indian sans-serif:

So, the AZ Indian sans-serif font is an attractive typeface inspired by the Indian motorcycle logo of the early 1900s. Its shape looks like an aged headline and is perfect for designs that aim to convey a rustic and vintage look. The font has a single style and is easy to read. This makes it a great choice for web design projects.

Besides its distinctive features, this sans-serif font also comes with a free commercial license. It is a slim, versatile typeface that works well for headlines and small text. It’s also a great choice for typesetting an entire library.

ANSI Hindi font:

If you are looking for a free Hindi font, then you’ve come to the right place. So, this particular type of font is widely used in India and places where Hindi is spoken and understood. You can download this font and install it on your computer or device, which will give you a Hindi-like look and feel.

You can download this font for free from the internet. It is compatible with Windows and Mac and comes with a number of additional features. You can use it on a wide range of different devices, including your computer and mobile devices. It is also suitable for use in websites.

Kurti Dev:

So, the Kruti Dev font collection includes fonts for Hindi and Marathi. It also includes Hindi calligraphy and Dafont Marathi. This font family is great for graphic design projects. It is free to download and use for personal and commercial use. The fonts are best suited for use on a Windows PC or Mac.

The font is available for download from several websites, including Adobe and Google. The font has a high opacity, making it a great choice for text on websites and in documents. It’s also available as shareware.

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