Bauer Bodoni Bold

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Bauer Bodoni Bold:

If you are looking for bold font, try the Bauer Bodoni Bold. Its online preview will allow you to see how it looks in text, and it is available for download and installation on your computer. It is a bold font that has a wide range of applications and can help you achieve your design goals.

EF Bauer Bodoni:

So, the EF Bauer Bodoni Bold font is a good choice for projects where prominence is needed. It is a typeface from the Bold font family and offers traditional typography and basic elements. Depending on the letter choice, the font can vary slightly. It can be used for a variety of purposes, but should not be used for commercial purposes.

The typeface was designed by Italian printer Bodoni, who ran a printing office under the Duke of Parma. He hoped to use the typeface to show off the company’s work in printing and metal casting. He also wanted to promote the paper produced in Parma, Italy. The hairline serifs on this typeface are a great detail to highlight, and the smooth surface retains the crisp detail of the strokes.

Bodoni is available in OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript formats for Mac and Windows. It supports 72 different languages. However, you may find that it is difficult to read at small point sizes. For this reason, it is best to buy a version with larger point size. The Bodoni Bold Italic is also available in OpenType and TrueType formats.

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