Futura TS Heavy Italic

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Free Alternative to Futura TS Heavy Italic:

If you are looking for a free alternative to Futura TS Heavy Italic, you’ve come to the right place. There are many great fonts available for free online. However, if you’re looking for a font that can take a beating in bold settings, Futura is definitely worth checking out. Its wide counters and generous spacing make it a perfect choice for bold settings.

Free alternative to Futura TS Heavy Italic:

If you’re in search of a free alternative to Futura TS Heavy Italique, you have a few options. The Futura family has 27 styles, but only 3 are free.

DM Sans:

One free alternative is DM Sans, which features a double-story G that resembles Futura’s. It comes in Light, Regular, and Semi-Bold styles.


Questia is another free, geometric font that is similar to Futura. It comes in a single weight, but its characters have slightly different proportions. It has larger x-heights and body widths than Futura. This is a great font to use in headlines and body text. It also has tabular figures as numbers, which makes it ideal for tables and forms.


Another free, highly versatile alternative to Futura is Identifont.com, which offers over a thousand free font families. The fonts work with most content management systems (CMS), including WordPress. Using a free, open-source font on your website can save you time and money.

Price of Futura TS Heavy Italic:

Futura TS Heavy Italic is a free font from the Futura family, and it is part of the Futura BT family. This font has warm-touching glyphs and is suitable for use on labels, posters, and logos. It is an ideal choice for housewares designs and branding projects, and it works as a stylish text overlay on any background image.

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Its simplicity is apparent from its geometric shapes and near-even weight. Paul Renner was inspired by the Bauhaus movement and set about achieving this modern and timeless design. He marketed Futura as a modern typeface, and the Bauer Type Foundry marketed the typeface as “the typeface of our time”. Since then, the font has been used in many industries.

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