Modern Gothic Fonts

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Modern Gothic Fonts:

Modern Gothic fonts are incredibly popular and can be a great choice for any design. Whether you’re looking for a bold, modern font or something softer, you can find it here. The Old Charlotte font is reminiscent of Gothic calligraphy fonts and is a great choice for soft Gothic designs.

You can also find Gothic calligraphy fonts like Cambridge, which has a full set of characters, including numbers and punctuation. And if you’re into a unique take on the goth font genre, try Ophelie. This font has alternate glyphs that you can use to customize your goth font.

Blue Angel Gothic Typeface:

Blue Angel Gothic is a free font that is great for use in a variety of design concepts. It is a good choice for Victorian-style, clothing labels, packaging, poster design, and more. It is also great for use in black gothic metal. Its basic elements make it a great choice for personal use.

This font features an old-fashioned and rebellious style. It is also available in a lower-case version and can be used as a subtitle style. Another free font that looks great in design concepts is Santiano. It is a black letter font with a vintage appearance. The font is suitable for T-shirts, poster titles, badges, and logo designs.


Millieangelo is a modern take on the classic Gothic style. This typeface is available in four styles: Regular, Rough, Outlined, and Print. It is a good choice for use in the fashion industry as well as for other designs. Its smooth, flowing lines make it suitable for use on clothing labels and posters. The font comes with many ligatures to enhance its look.

This typeface has American roots and was originally designed by Andrea Trabucco-Campos for the Irvington Theater. It comes with 6 weights, including lowercase. It also features basic ligatures.


This free modern Gothic font features an unconventional and elegant look. Designed by Anton Gothic, Bajern comes with a single regular style and Opentype features. Its design is influenced by German frakturs. It has a unique pattern and forged shape that makes it perfect for a classic design.

The font’s serifs are very unique, blending Gothic and modern styles. It also includes stylistic alternate characters and ligatures. Also, It is suitable for headlines, posters, book covers, and branding projects. It is free for personal use with attribution.

Sonny Gothic Essential Pack:

If you’re in the market for a modern Gothic font, look no further than Sonny Gothic. This font family is inspired by the graphic style of the 1970s and is available in Gothic, Condensed, and Italic styles. This versatile geometric family is perfect for a wide variety of projects, including headlines, editorials, corporate correspondence, white papers, logos, and branding.

Sonny Gothic is a geometric sans serif typeface, designed by the W Type Foundry. The designer, Herb Lubalin, was born in 1918 and produced some of the most recognizable typefaces of the 1970s.

Trotont Gothic:

Inspired by gothic designs, Trotont Gothic is a modern Gothic typeface with an authentic display font. It’s great for personal projects and will make your creative ideas pop! You can use this typeface on your social media pages to show off your work or for your personal projects. It also works well in the music industry.

Besides this typeface, there are a lot of other options you can choose from. You can try Carol Gothic, a black letter font with a very thin line, as well as a font that adopts a fluid Romanesque style.

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You can also download Citrus Gothic, a set of varying styles that includes all-caps letters. Lastly, you can try Go think, a collection of 47 different gothic fonts. They come in a variety of sizes, font weights, and styles.

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