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Monument Font Adobe Fonts:

The Monument Font Adobe font family is a beautiful display font for any occasion. This typeface features elegant serifs and a neo-grotesque style. It is suitable for both web and print applications. It is available in multiple styles and weights. This family is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and InDesign.

Canela is a Graceful display typeface:

The Canela display typeface is a graceful interpretation of William Caslon’s famous display typeface. Miguel Reyes started with the original Caslon and made changes to it to achieve a modern, elegant style. He later refined his version of the typeface, which is available in both serif and sans-serif styles.

The flared stroke ends of Canela are reminiscent of stone carving and lend the typeface a classical quality. The family includes six weights and matching italics. In 2018, two new optical sizes were added to the family.

Monument Font Adobe has also created Cormorant, a display typeface inspired by vintage hand lettering. It has intricate details and interconnected letterforms, and a luxurious look. The font comes in five weights, with italic options for each one. It also has an Ogg Text variation that’s made for a long-form copy.

Basis Grotesque is a robust typeface:

If you’re looking for a bold typeface for your website, then you need to check out Basis Grotesque. This sans-serif font was designed by Colophon Foundry’s Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington. It was originally designed for the photography magazine Hotshoe, but it was eventually released commercially in 2015. Inspired by the style of early grotesques, Basis Grotesque is a robust sans-serif font that comes in five weights, matching italics, and a monospaced version.

This robust typeface has a distinctive, rounded appearance that embodies the classic look of the grotesque genre. Its square curve, oblique ‘a’, and closed-set, spurred G are characteristic of the style. Its slanted, rounded ends are characteristic of neo-grotesques from the nineteenth century but are now more common in modern typography.

Trajan is a Neo-grotesque typeface:

Trajan is an elegant neo-grotesque type font designed by Carol Twombly. It was first released almost three decades ago. It has an extended Latin glyph set and includes modern punctuation marks, symbols, and mathematical operators. Its large glyph set makes it particularly suitable for mathematical applications, such as equations.

Another neo-grotesque typeface is Akzidenz Grotesk. It was developed by a team of eight designers at Nebiolo. Aldo Novarese spearheaded its revival. Black first saw Forma at a Drupa exhibition in 1977 and loved it. It was a welcome alternative to Helvetica and other one-size-fits-all fonts. Unfortunately, it was eventually ground into a pile by one-size-fits-all companies, and included in PCs and laser printers in the 1980s.

ITC Clearface is a serif typeface:

ITC Clearface is a serif font developed by Victor Caruso. It features a distinct contrasting stroke pattern, italic weights, and teardrop-shaped lowercase letters, similar to Caslon. The result is a serif typeface that’s both visually appealing and highly legible. ITC Clearface is recommended for use in headlines and texts.

So, this font style features thick horizontal strokes and thin vertical strokes. Its style is modern, with a 70’s feel. It is especially recommended for short headlines, where it can use to emphasize important information. You can pair it with another typeface in your design, like the neutral IBM Plex Mono. The two fonts work well together because they provide a striking visual appeal and maintain visual diversity.


If you are looking for a space-saving font, Cadiz is a perfect choice. Its early details from the early 20th century lend clarity to your designs. Mackinac, on the other hand, links the Old and New worlds. Its modest contrast of thin and thick creates a classic feel. If you are looking for a minimalist design, consider using this font family with Georgia.


So, if you’re looking for a serif typeface with a bold design, Monument is a good choice. This typeface by Mike Beens was released by the International House of Fonts in 2011. It has a unique style with softly rounded terminals that remind many of the Cooper typefaces from the 1970s. It’s available in four weights and comes with matching italics. So, this font is included with your Creative Cloud plan and is available for download at no additional charge.

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