SF Pro Font on Windows

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Installing the SF Pro Font on Windows:

The SF Pro font is available in several formats. Among them are rounded, condensed text, and photos. Each type has its unique characteristics. You can learn more about them in the following article. SF Pro is an extremely popular typeface, which is why Windows users can find a wide range of styles and sizes.

SF Pro Rounded:

If you’re looking for a new font for your computer, consider installing the San Francisco Pro Rounded font. This typeface features rounded corners and is available in four weights: regular, medium, bold, and semibold.

It also comes in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean versions. You can download San Francisco fonts from Apple and install them on your computer, but they need to be installed by you to use them.

SF Compact Rounded:

If you’re looking for a modern sans serif font to use in your designs, the SF Compact Rounded font is the right choice. So, this typeface has rounded corners and is available in a variety of weights.

The font is a free download, and you can use it for personal and commercial use. It is available in OpenType, TTF, and ZIP formats. You can use it in almost any project that needs a stylish text overlay.

SF Condensed Text:

SF Pro font is available for download in several weights. It is a condensed version of the San Francisco font. It comes with rounded corners. Meanwhile, the family of SF Pro fonts includes regular, medium, bold, thin, and ultralight variants.

SF Condensed Photos:

The SF Condensed Photos font is designed for use with photos and images. This free font family has nine weights and includes “text” and “textiles” optical sizes. It comes with rounded corners and features variable weights and optical sizes. The SF Compact Italic and SF Pro Rounded font families are also available. They are similar in tracking and have boxier designs.

SF Mono:

If you’re looking to install the SF Pro font on Windows, you’ve come to the right place. This font is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X and contains a library of dynamic type sizes for SF Pro Display. There are four weights available for this font. The font is licensed for use by developers to test UIs, so you’ll need a Developer ID to use it.

New York Small:

Apple’s New York Extra Large font has 6 weights, including italics. It includes OpenType features, including lining, old-style figures, and proportional and tabular widths. The new design was inspired by the font used for iBooks, and it has six weights and true italics. Apple hasn’t released an official version of this font for Windows, so designers can use the demo version only for mockup purposes.

New York Medium:

Apple’s New York font family comes in several weights and is designed to be readable in large print. Its features include OpenType support, lining, old-style figures, tabular widths, and proportional widths. The New York family features 6 weights, all with italics. In addition, it includes a variable-width option.

SF Large:

The San Francisco font family includes display and text fonts. This family features flat and round sides. This allows more space between letters, making the text more legible even at small sizes. This typeface is available for personal and commercial use and can be found on popular devices like the Apple Watch and iOS 16. The San Francisco font family is available free for personal use, but there are also commercial licenses available from the authors of the fonts.

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