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Apple SF Pro Font and SF Symbols 3:

SF Pro is a monospaced version of the San Francisco font that comes in a number of weights and optical sizes. It is a companion typeface for San Francisco and offers 600 different symbols. Unlike San Francisco, SF Pro is monospaced, but it has a more rounded appearance than San Francisco.

SF Pro is a monospaced variant of San Francisco:

San Francisco is a decorative typeface that Apple has used for years on its products. In addition to its original SF Pro, Apple has a monospaced variant called SF Pro. This typeface uses on iPhones, iPads, and macOS. It is also found in the Apple Watch, which it uses as the system font. Its flat vertical lines make it easy to read, especially on digital screens.

This typeface is available in a range of weights, including bold and italic, Helvetic, and italic. It is recommended for websites and text titles, but the more extreme weights are best suited for display titles. Monospaced numbers, on the other hand, are best suited for static and animation.

San Francisco Mono allows for better alignment between columns and rows of text. It’s also compatible with Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts. There’s also an Arabic version, San Francisco Arabic. It comes in nine weights and variable optical sizes and has a rounded variant.

It is a companion to San Francisco:

San Francisco Pro Font is a universal, non-proprietary font that is compatible with iOS, macOS, and Android. It is a neutral, sans-serif typeface that includes a rounded version and supports over 150 languages, including Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts.

The font was inspired by historical type styles and offers variable optical sizes for a variety of applications. It can use as a reading face in small sizes and as a graphic display face in large sizes.

San Francisco Pro Font was designed by Susan Kare for the original Mac, and its companion SF Symbols fonts have over three hundred Apple-designed symbols. The company continued to develop fonts after Susan Kare’s work was complete. The latest version, SF Symbols 3, offers over 3,100 more symbols.

San Francisco is an evolution of the Helvetica typeface. It has some flaws, including bad kerning, low legibility, ugly tails, and questionable proportions. It was originally intended to replace Helvetica, but that’s not the case anymore. In fact, San Francisco Pro Font is now a companion to Helvetica.

It has variable optical sizes:

SF Pro font is a modern typeface with a large variety of optical sizes. Its flat sides and rounded apertures make it readable even at small sizes. Apple uses this typeface extensively for their iPhones, iPads, and Mac OS X. It also appears on Apple TV and Apple Watch. It is a dynamic typeface, which means it will automatically switch Optical sizes and Vertical Spacing based on the size of the screen.

The SF Pro Font family includes six weights of text and nine weights for its display version. Under 20 pts, the font family automatically switches from display to text mode. It is important to use variable-size fonts when designing applications for smartphone displays, as changing the type size from small to large may result in different results.

Variable optical sizes allow the designer to change the optical size of each letter or character within a document. The variable optical sizes in the SF Pro family are controlled by a font’s ‘font-optical-sizing’ or ‘font-variation-setting’ property. Variable fonts feature different versions of a typeface that were designed to maintain the style and balance of the design at each size. Smaller optical sizes tend to have lower stroke contrast and more open spacing, and taller x-height.

It has 600 symbols:

SF Symbols 3 is a new icon font by Apple that adds 600 new icons to the library. So, it features color customization and hierarchical rendering, adding emphasis and depth to symbols. It also comes with more than 3,100 symbols and optimizes for iPhones and iPad Pro screens.

SF Symbols are available in three scales, which let you modify the size of each symbol without changing the font. This feature makes the symbols work better with surrounding components and be in sync with the text. Apple uses this feature extensively in its UI. This feature allows designers to create and customize a unique look for their work and make it more attractive.

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So, the San Francisco font family includes two styles, SF Pro Text, and SF Pro Display. The former is designed for smaller text, while the latter is intended for larger text. CarPlay applies the appropriate variant depending on the size of the text.

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