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The Buffon Font:

Whether you’re looking for the right font for a brochure or the perfect design for your next project, the Buffon Font is a great choice. It has a strong, distinctive character that lends itself to text, and can be used on its own or as a compliment to other typefaces. Its reverse stress design can also help to create a striking visual effect.

Origins of the typeface:

Despite its name, Buffon is not an italic typeface. However, it does feature reverse contrast. This means that horizontal strokes are thicker than vertical strokes.

During the early days of the printing press, the letterforms that Gutenberg devised were based on Blackletter calligraphy. The letterforms of the time were quite complex. These typefaces were not ideal for reading at small sizes.

In the mid-15th century, Gutenberg was responsible for the invention of the printing press. Originally, the press was reserved for the elite. It was then used by monks to create handwritten manuscripts. These manuscripts were the foundation for the first commercial typeface styles.

Before the invention of the printing press, the only way to get printed books was to have them handwritten. The typefaces created by Gutenberg were modeled after Blackletter calligraphy, which confined the amount of text on a page.

During the 19th century, the popularity of Egyptomania swept through the Western world. Many advertisements from this period stood out because of their use of Caslon Egyptian.

Reverse stress design:

Designed and tested over the course of several months by a team of dedicated font geeks, the Buffon is certainly a class of its own. Although it was unveiled in early 2016 it has spawned several more devoted font aficionados. As such it is no surprise that the Buffon has amassed a sizable collection of fonts in its stables.

The Buffon has been a top-tier contender for the past two years. It’s not all about the competition for the crown though. During a visit to the office, I discovered that the company has a large-scale distribution program in place to accommodate the needs of its ephemeral brethren.

References to other typefaces:

Designed by Dave Coleman, Buffon is a slab serif typeface, available in four weights without italics. It features reverse contrast, which means that horizontal strokes are thicker than vertical strokes. The typeface was released in 2016 through the Lost Type Co-op.

The font was created by The Australian Graphic Supply Company. The font is licensed under the Creative Commons license, meaning that you can use the font for both private and commercial projects, but you must credit the designer when you do so.

The typeface was originally commissioned by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques. It is a part of the Centre’s collection. It is free to download and can be used in both private and professional projects.

Download Link:

Buffon has a large family of fonts, including an extra bold variant. Its sister font, Mandinor FY, was published in June 2014. The font is a descendant of Bell Gothic. The Buffon family is not the only typeface to have a floral side. There is also Univers, which is a typeface in the Gothic family.

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