Cooper Hewitt Heavy Font

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Cooper Hewitt Heavy Font:

The Cooper Hewitt Heavy Font is a contemporary sans-serif typeface with a geometric feel. It was commissioned by Pentagram for the rebranding of the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York.

The Cooper Hewitt Heavy Font is available in 14 styles, all with matching italics. It’s free for personal use.


Cooper Hewitt Heavy Font is a contemporary typeface with characters composed of modified-geometric curves and arches. It was initially commissioned by Pentagram to evolve its Polaris Condensed typeface and was created by Chester Jenkins.

Its fine and precise character makes it suitable for a wide range of design processes. It is an excellent choice for creating book covers. Product packaging, logo designs, advertisements, branding projects, and t-shirt designs.

When pairing typefaces together, it is important to keep the balance right. Two fonts that are too similar will not work well together.

To create visual harmony, apply a contrasting color behind your sections of text. This will not only make them stand out. But also enhances the hierarchy between your headings, subheadings, and body copy.

Using a bold font in uppercase can be a great way to separate a subhead from the body copy. It can be applied to a high-contrast font like Open Sans Extra Bold or PT Sans for an easy-to-read style.


Cooper Hewitt Heavy Font in Italic is an excellent choice to use when you want a classic style with strong arches and curves. It works well for headlines, titles, and body copy.

Initially commissioned by Pentagram to evolve their Polaris Condensed typeface, Chester Jenkins took the idea to a whole new level when creating Cooper Hewitt. Modified-geometric curves and arches give it a contemporary look while maintaining its classic characteristics.

So, it’s a versatile typeface that can be used in logos. Branding projects, wedding invitations and so much more. It also offers a wide range of stylistic alternates and ligatures for added versatility.

Choosing the right font for the job is crucial for any design. It’s important to pick a font that complements the theme of your design and helps draw attention to key elements. You can do this by using contrasting colors, styles, and features to create a strong contrast between the elements in your design.


The bold Cooper Hewitt Heavy Font is a free sans-serif typeface from Brooklyn-based foundry Village, and it was commissioned by Pentagram for the Cooper Hewitt design museum. The font is designed to complement the museum’s new name and identity, and it is available in seven weights with matching italics.

This typeface has a lot to offer, and it is perfect for highlighting your design elements. It can be used for text and graphics and is also a good choice for logo designs related to many international brands. Its light version is the best option to use for a contrasting subhead or chapter marker and its regular style works well for body copy. It is also a great choice for branding, especially when applied to strong products that are associated with strength and loyalty. The font is one of the most impressive fonts we have seen and is a great choice for many different design applications.


Initially commissioned by Pentagram to evolve their Polaris Condensed typeface, Chester Jenkins created a new digital form to support the rebranding of Cooper Hewitt. The design is based on modified-geometric curves and arches, which give it a contemporary feel.

This sans-serif font family features 14 styles including Thin, Light, Medium & Semi Bold. Each style has a total of 567 glyphs and 555 characters. The size of each character ensures strong alignment with other characters which makes this typeface ideal for a wide range of applications such as titles, long text paragraphs, logos, branding, product packaging, unique emblems, printing on fabrics, official card printing, and game graphics.

If you’re looking for a simple, clean, and modern font to use in your designs. Then this font is just for you! Download it for free and get started designing amazing projects with the help of a free online generator tool. It’s easy to use and is perfect for a variety of purposes!

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