Magic Font APK for Android

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Magic Font APK and FontFix APK:

Change your system font to give your Android phone a fresh new look. Unlike computers, mobile devices often lack built-in options for customizing fonts. But with apps like iFont and FontFix, you can add more variety to your phone.

You can also play this app on your PC with the help of MEmu Play, an Android emulator that’s fast, lightweight, and exclusively designed for gaming. It’s available for Windows 10/8/7, and Mac OS X.

iFont(Expert of Fonts):

iFont(Expert of Fonts) is an application that allows Android users to customize their devices by changing the font style. It offers a wide variety of styles, with instant previews to help users choose the best font for their devices. The application also features other tools, such as app management and performance optimization.

The application lets users access hundreds of fonts and install them on their devices. It also helps them increase the size of the text, making it easier to read. This feature is especially useful for people with impaired vision. It can also be used to create a more stylish phone interface.

The program can search folders, local disks, and network drives for font files. It can also manage them by creating libraries and font groups (sets). The program can also display detailed information about the selected font, including its type foundry or copyright, TrueType tables, Panose attributes, Windows font metrics, and more. It can also print character maps, “water flow” and face name reports.

Magic Font for FlipFont:

Magic Font for FlipFont is a great way to add style and flair to your text. With dozens of sparkly, bold fonts to choose from, this app is perfect for anyone who wants to make their text stand out. It even includes emojis to help users express themselves.

Sugar Magic is a beautiful, serif font that features standard glyphs and multilingual characters. It is a versatile font that is great for a variety of projects, including branding, logos, and packaging. It also works well for fashion, invitations, and blog titles.

Stylish Font is available for free on the Google Play Store. Download it today and see how it can change your look. It’s easy to install and runs smoothly on a PC. Just follow these steps:


FontFix is an application that allows superusers to change the system fonts on their Android devices. The program works on rooted phones, as well as those that support FlipFont (Samsung) or HTC Sense. It features over 4,300 text fonts and is compatible with XiaoMi, Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola devices. It also offers an automatic backup system that prevents any changes from being accidentally deleted.

Users can download fonts from the web, and also use them to create PDF documents. The app also allows them to produce smart backups, and share them with others using a variety of cloud storage systems.

The application supports the Monotype Baseline platform, which requires a free account. It is available for Android 4.1 and higher. It also has a plugin for Adobe Acrobat. It can be downloaded from the official site for free and is virus-free. This software is suitable for anyone who wants to spice up their texts and express themselves.

iFont for Android:

iFont(Expert of Fonts) is an app that lets users change one of the most important elements of their Android phone: the font. It offers hundreds of carefully selected fonts and is easy to set up and use. It also ensures that your device remains safe and secure.

Unlike other apps that allow you to install fonts on your Android phone, this one does not require root access. To use it, simply create a folder in the main directory called “Fonts” and place your TTF file inside it. iFont will then automatically add it to the system fonts.

This app is a must-have for anyone looking to liven up their text with unique fonts. It features a large selection of bold, unique fonts designed to fit the individual style of your device. It also includes post-editing options such as adjusting text size and adding outlines. It supports Samsung Galaxy phones and many devices from HTC, Motorola, and Sony.

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