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Funky 70s Font:

Funky 70s Font is a fun and creative retro font that will add a cool design to your bold posters, flyers, and social media posts. It has a beautiful script lettering design mixed with groovy decorative elements.

Rambors is a surf-inspired font that can be used for poster designs, branding, logo designs, and other projects that require a funky vibe. It also comes with ligatures and alternates for extra style versatility.

It’s free:

If you’re looking for a funky font to add a little bit of flair to your designs, look no further than this groovy font. It features rounded characters and is perfect for use on logos, apparel designs, and DIY projects. The font is free for personal use, so you can experiment with it to see what fits your design style.

Groovy 70s Font is a bold, retro script that will add excitement and nostalgia to your designs. It is inspired by funk, disco, and rockabilly music posters and album covers. It also includes stylistic alternates, ligatures, and swashes for decoration. This font works well for oversized text and is ideal for poster designs, t-shirts, book covers, and memorabilia.

The psychedelic vibe of this font is sure to capture the attention of your audience. Its clean lines and geometric shapes are reminiscent of vintage typography. Its upper and lowercase letters are easy to read, and it includes punctuation marks, symbols, numerals, and glyphs. The font is also available in a web version and offers multilingual support.

If you’re looking for a stylish, bold font, try the Ginchiest font. This font has a unique feel, and its name means “the coolest or most interesting.” This font is perfect for apparel, logos, and other designs that require a retro vibe.

It’s Envato Elements:

If you want to design groovy titles and headings in the 70s style, this font is an excellent choice. Its bold design makes it suitable for poster and album covers for funk, disco, and rockabilly music. It also includes plenty of stylistic sets and ligatures to give your designs a more authentic look.

Another funky font for the 70s is Fragtude. It has a stylish retro look and includes a free bonus ornament set. It also comes with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. This font is perfect for a beach restaurant menu or a movie title.

One of the best things about this font is that it can be used for both web and print projects. It is available in both regular and shadow styles, and you can use both of them together for a funky effect. The font is a bit heavier than other funky fonts, but it has a unique style that will stand out in your designs.

If you’re looking for a great font to use in your next project, check out these cool 70s fonts. They’re part of the amazing collection on Envato Elements, which includes thousands of premium digital assets. You can get unlimited access to these fonts and many more for just $16 per month. The membership also gives you access to templates, logos, add-ons, stock photos, and more.

It’s a webfont:

The 1970s were a time of fun, experimentation, and groovy music. Designers used fonts that evoked the feel of the era to create cool designs. Whether you are designing a poster, a movie title, or a psychedelic logo, the right font can make your design stand out from the rest. To find a font that fits your needs, try browsing the collection of 70s fonts on Envato Elements.

These retro fonts are free for personal use and can be used in any type of design. They are also a great choice for signage, badges, and stylish logos. Some are bold and some are softer, so you can choose one that suits your style.

Funkies is a fun and quirky font that evokes the spirit of the 1970s. It is ideal for funk and disco poster designs and comes with stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, ligatures, and swashes. Its bold appearance will give your designs a rock ’n’ roll edge and a psychedelic touch.

Another font that evokes the 1970s is Weirdtopia. This font is perfect for funk and disco album cover designs, as well as beach restaurant menus. It has a bold script lettering design and is easy to read. It is available in both regular and outline versions and includes all uppercase and lowercase letters. It also has multilingual support and glyphs.

It’s a Photoshop font:

If you’re looking for a funky font to make your designs stand out, consider using one of these groovy 70s fonts. These fonts are perfect for retro or vintage aesthetics, and they will take your audience back in time to the psychedelic 70s. Whether you need to design an album cover, poster, or t-shirt print, these fonts will help you get the job done.

Funkies is a bold retro script font that can be used for posters and music album covers. It features ligatures, stylistic sets, and swashes, which makes it a versatile choice for any design project. It also includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

You can find a wide variety of funky fonts at Envato Elements, which provides access to thousands of premium creative assets for a monthly subscription fee. You can use them to create unique logos, web designs, and other graphics. This is a great way to save money and make your designs look professional.

Another popular font with a groovy style is Far Out. This font has rounded corners on all characters, making it ideal for feminine and girly typography. It also includes swashes and ligatures, as well as a drop shadow version of the font. You can also find other fonts that have a funky vibe, such as Lucidia. This font has a techno-themed letter design that’s suitable for digital and technology projects.

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