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KBC Font Zip Download and Handy Labels:

KBC Font Zip Download is a free application that lets you control your keyboard with NFC chips. You can use it to auto-fill an input box or just to control the keyboard. It’s very easy to use and works on both Windows and Mac.

Hindia is a casual handwritten font with a pleasant shape and taste on every glyph. It supports multiple languages and can be used for any design.


Known for its casual shape and taste on every glyph, Hindia is the perfect font for designing branding, fashion, print templates, quotes, and more. Moreover, this font is also available in multilingual support which is a great advantage for the Indian market.

Hindi is the unifying language that unites multilingual India, home to more than 400 different languages and dialects. It is widely spoken in northern and central India, as well as in Nepal, Uganda, and some parts of the United States and South Africa.

Hindi is written in the Devanagari script, which consists of a set of 34 consonants and 12 vowels. The language is also influenced by Persian, incorporating many Persian loanwords into the vocabulary, such as those pertaining to administration and furniture.

John Handy:

John Handy, who died at age 75, honed his craft in the saxophone stalwarts of postwar jazz. He paid his way through San Francisco State, where he became an influential teacher, and worked with many of the genre’s leading players.

His year with bassist Charles Mingus proved crucial. On the Mingus albums Mingus Ah Um, Mingus Dynasty, and the underrated Blues and Roots, Handy’s bright-toned alto fit perfectly into the roiling context.

He played in duo with Booker Ervin, swung a fiery chorus on “Holy Roller,” and scatted a wistful solo that coordinated his flutter tongue tremolo to Mingus’ feathery bass tremolo. His music contained multitudes, from pioneering world music collaborations with Sarod legend Ali Akbar Khan to his 1976 R&B hit Hard Work.

Handy Casual Condensed:

This font has a narrow letter design that makes it perfect for creating titles and headings. It also has a stylish rounded style that adds a bit of a modern touch to your designs. It’s available for free to use in your personal projects.

Another condensed font with a unique letter design is Hochland, which has a chunky letter design that’s ideal for making posters and product labels. It also comes with a set of stylistic alternates and ligatures that will help you create even more creative designs.

This font is a great choice for those who want to add a hand-crafted look to their designs. It’s a beautiful font that can be used in both casual and formal designs, including business cards, flyers, and banners.

Handy Labels:

Handy Labels is a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use label maker. It features a basic ABC keyboard and a display that shows what your text will look like before it prints. It also saves power by automatically shutting down when not in use. The device comes with a variety of half-inch labels for organizing files, identifying containers, and more. It is sourced from an FSC-certified supplier, supporting healthy forests and wildlife.

The Handy Labels company offers a variety of custom-cut labels for businesses and individuals. They can print on labels of any size and can even create and print mailing envelopes. So, their minimum order is 25 labels, and they offer a free online design tool to make it easier to customize your order. Their customers include small, artisan businesses such as candle companies and gin makers.

Indy Italic:

Designed by Chicago-based lettering designer Charles Hughes, Indy Italic features a unique lowercase alphabet that links together to evoke the look of genuine handwriting and complements a generous and graceful capital alphabet. Its elegant forms make it suitable for anything that calls for a touch of class.

So, the font is available in the TRY and PRO versions. Both are JSX files that can be placed in the Scripts panel of InDesign CS4/CS5/CS6/CC (including CC 2014) to instantly add Indy Italic to your design. This version is free for personal knowledge and use only. For commercial use, you must purchase the official license. You can find more information about purchasing the official license on the author’s website.

Windy Wood:

Windy Wood is a brand new 2D platformer template featuring a daring woodland critter who needs to collect coins, jump on enemies, and clear deadly spike pits. So, it’s the first of a new type of official GameMaker template that allows you to remix the art, music, and code to truly make it your own. The templates also teach coding best practices, something Patrick and the team are keen to emphasize. They also contain monthly asset bundles to help you get started.

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