Bhartiya Hindi Font Keyboard

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Bhartiya Hindi Font Keyboard:

Bhartiya Hindi Font Keyboard is a free keyboard layout that lets you type in both English and Hindi. It also supports transliteration and handwriting modes.

It uses Remington or typewriter keyboard layout for Hindi typing. This layout is commonly used in many state governments for Typing test examinations.

Kruti Dev and Devlys are non-Unicode Hindi Font but are still widely used in software that doesn’t support Unicode Font. To identify whether a font is Unicode or not simply double click on it.

Krutidev Keyboard Layout:

Hindi keyboard layout is based on the font used to type Hindi. The keyboard layout is used for the Hindi Typing Test Examination and Stenography exam. It’s also a popular method to learn Hindi typing. To use Hindi keyboard layout on your computer you need to enable Hindi Inscript Keyboard Layout in Windows Operating System.

The keyboard layout consists of 104 keys and can be accessed by pressing the Alt button with a specific numeric code. This code is listed below and should be memorized to type Hindi easily.

Kruti Dev is a Devanagari font whose keyboard layout mimics that of Remington typewriters. This font is widely used in Rajasthan and north Indian states. Many government clerks, stenographers, and data entry operators typing exams are conducted using this typeface. The familiarity of this typewriter keyboard can help a new learner get comfortable with typing in Hindi.

Besides the standard Remington keyboard layout, there are also a few other types of Hindi keyboard layouts available for users. These keyboard layouts work with different Hindi fonts like Devlys and Kruti Dev. These keyboard layouts can be downloaded and installed for free.

The Kruti Dev layout can be downloaded for free here. It uses the same keyboard layout as the standard Remington keyboard and is a great choice for new learners. The layout is simple and easy to use. It also works well with Unicode Hindi fonts like Mangal.

Devlys Keyboard Layout:

Hindi Typing is a complex process as it carries many intricacies in its structure and gets difficult to handle at times. Most of the Hindi Typing entrances are conducted in Mangal or Kruti Dev Font type with a font size of 14 which is easier to view for the applicants. Soni Typing Software supports both English and Hindi Languages. It is a widely used Hindi typing software that is available in both free and paid versions.

It is quite easy to use this software on Ubuntu Linux as it provides support for most of the Indian languages. However, there is a bit of a learning curve as the keyboard layouts are different for Hindi and other languages.

DevLys is a non-Unicode Hindi Devanagari font also known as Hindi Legacy Fonts which works with Remington or Typewriter keyboard layout. It is a standard font that is still being used by many public service commissions in north India to conduct their clerk, stenographer, and data entry operator’s typing examinations. This font can be converted to Unicode fonts like Mangal or ArialUni by using this online converter.

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