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Monotype Corsiva Bold Font Review:

Monotype Corsiva is one of the best-known font styles from the Monotype company. It’s a great choice for any project that needs a 19th-century feel. It’s also easy to use and can support 89 languages.

This font is popular in Logo designs because its decorated letters fulfill the need for fancier lettering without making it indecipherable. It’s also used in formal documents like invitations and certificates.


This is a typeface that has earned huge popularity and it is very much in demand in the market. Its decorated letters make it very appealing and eye-catching. This font style is largely used in Logo designs and it fulfills the need of designers for fancier lettering. It is also very popular among Book publishers and they experiment with it to create a sense of class in their works.

The font is designed by Patricia Saunders and it has been created in the style of the past Italian cursives as exemplified by the work of writing master Ludovico Degli Arrighi. It is a free-for-personal-use typeface. The capital letters have a swash design that is very appealing to the eyes. The font is highly readable and makes an excellent choice for short paragraphs or advertisements.

It can also be used in formal settings like invitations, certificates, and other important occasional material. Its cursive quality adds a touch of elegance without making the lettering unreadable. It is also very popular in logo design and can be seen on the Cypress Properties and DFW Artistic Roller Skating Club Logos.

This font has become very famous in the market and is one of the most downloaded Monotype styles. It is available in various formats and is suitable for both Windows and Mac OS X. It can be used in InDesign as well and the process is easy. All you need to do is install the file and you’ll be able to use it in your design.


Designed by Patricia Saunders, Monotype Corsiva is an Italic font that features early Italian cursive styles as illustrated by Ludovico degli Arrighi’s design work of the sixteenth century. This font has swash design capital letters that are great for adding flair and sparkle to invitations, greeting cards, and menus as well as giving a sense of elegance to certificates and awards.

This stylish font has a beautiful texture and is perfect for use in weddings and other romantic designs. It is also a good choice for branding projects, homewares designs, and as a text overlay on any background image. So it is available in a variety of styles, including Std Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. It includes glyphs, punctuations, symbols, and numbers as well as support for more than 89 languages.

The font is free for personal use and comes in OTF and TTF formats. To install it on your computer, click here. You can also find the full version of the font by clicking on the link provided. You can also download the source file for free. For safety reasons, we recommend that you run a virus check before downloading the file.

This font is part of the Monotype Library, a collection of timeless classics and hand-crafted revivals that are as unique as their owners. This collection includes many of the most iconic and memorable typefaces ever created by some of the world’s best designers and foundries. The library includes a wide range of styles from both historical and contemporary foundries. It has been curated to provide the best in typography for print and screen.


Monotype Corsiva bold font is an excellent choice for any type of design project. Its decorative letters make it perfect for logos, signage, and trade show displays. It can also be used to add a touch of elegance to invitation cards. This typeface is available in a wide variety of different formats. These include OTF, TTF, and EPS. These fonts can be installed on any operating system.

This comic sans font was designed by Patricia Saunders and is free for personal use. It was designed in the style of the past Italian cursives, as exemplified by the work of Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi. The capital letters are of swash design, and the overall result is very humorous.

The font is a bit more elegant than the other versions, which makes it appropriate for logos and other text designs. It is also ideal for t-shirt designs, book covers, and other advertising materials. The font is available in several different sizes and can be downloaded for free from the Monotype site.

Monotype Corsiva is a trademark of the Monotype Corporation which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. This typeface software is licensed for use on workstations under a limited license agreement. It may not be copied or distributed in any form other than as provided for in the license agreement.


The Monotype Corsiva font is a fun typeface that can be used in a variety of designs. Its decorative letters are often seen in logos, which makes it a great choice for any design project. It is also perfect for creating a stylish banner for your company’s website.

The typeface is free for personal use and can be downloaded from the Monotype Imaging website. It can be used in commercial and print projects, as well as web designs. Its bold version is especially suitable for large headlines and other prominent elements in your designs.

This free, decorative script font was designed by Patricia Saunders and inspired by the work of Ludovico Vicentino Degli Arrighi. It is one of the most popular and highly appreciated Monotype fonts. It has been a popular choice for designers because it is easy to read and can be incorporated into any design.

The Monotype Corsiva font can be used in a wide range of different types of designs, including logos, business cards, and invitations. It can be easily paired with other fonts, such as Cookie, to create unique and creative designs.

This font is a good option for logos, as it has been used in several famous brands. It is also a good choice for packaging or product labels. It is easy to download and can be installed in Adobe or MS Word.

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