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Planet Kosmos Font Review:

A striking techno and sci-fi font that evokes a sense of space exploration. Designed by Mads Rydahl, this font has a bold appearance that is perfect for creating a futuristic design.

Try this font out on a poster or use it as a headline. You can also play around with its ligatures and stylistic alternates to get different looks.


If you are looking for a font that will bring your text graphics to life, you should consider Planet Kosmos. It was designed by Planet Typography and is free to use for personal projects. So, it has a unique look and is very easy to read. It also supports many characters and languages.

This font is a TrueType PC font with a comprehensive character set, including upper and lower case letters, full punctuation, a range of international characters, accents, and an extensive kerning table. It can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use. To use the font in your web pages, simply copy and paste the corresponding CSS code into your HTML file.

Planet Kosmos is a striking techno and sci-fi font that embodies a futuristic, intergalactic aesthetic. Its bold and attention-grabbing appearance makes it perfect for techno-themed designs, such as logos, posters, and other promotional materials. You can also use it to add a sense of depth and dimension to your designs. Its sophisticated, sleek lines make it an excellent choice for tech-related projects, such as websites, apps, and software interfaces.


Designed by Mads Rydahl, the Planet Kosmos Font is an eye-catching techno-sci-fi design with an elegant stylish texture. It is bold and asymmetrical, making it ideal for creating striking logos or posters. Featuring both rounded and italicized letters, the font is highly versatile. It also includes many international characters and accents, so it is easy to use in different languages. This typeface is free to download and use for personal endeavors, but it must be licensed for commercial purposes.

Planet Kosmos is a TrueType font that features upper and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and an extensive kerning table. It is available in one regular style, and it comes with 145 unique glyphs and 162 total characters, including 89 Basic Latin, 56 Latin-1 Supplement, 4 Latin Extended-A, 11 General Punctuation, and 1 Mathematical Operator. The font is available for purchase and download from GD Fonts, and it can be used for both print and digital media.

The font has received a lot of attention since it was adopted by fashion designers Kanye West and Raf Simons. Its futuristic and intergalactic aesthetic has made it a popular choice for many designs. However, in order to use this font for commercial endeavors, you must obtain a license from its ingenious creator. The license is based on the CD-Ware model, which requests that users send the creator a CD of something they personally cherish, such as music, multimedia creations, or software.


Planet Kosmos is a fun font that can be used for various design projects. It can be combined with bright colors and metallic effects to create stylish designs. It also works well with text overlays on backgrounds. You can use this font for website headers, logos, titles, captions, and labels. It comes in a single regular style, with 145 glyphs, and supports Unicode characters. It includes 89 Basic Latin, 56 Latin-1 Supplement, 4 Latin Extended-A, 11 General Punctuation, and 1 Mathematical Operator.

This font is free for personal use and can be downloaded without any restrictions. However, you must contact the creator for commercial use. This font is inspired by techno, space, and video game themes. It has a unique sci-fi look and is perfect for designing logos, headlines, and posters.

Planet Kosmos is a TrueType font that has been compiled using the open-source GNU font utils. This font supports all major operating systems and programs that use TrueType fonts. To install it, double-click on the file and a window will appear with a font overview. After this, click the “Install Font” button. If you are using Mac OS X, make sure to close all applications before installing the font. Once the font is installed, the Fonts program will open and display the new font. This is a fast and convenient way to get started with Planet Kosmos.


This geometric font is perfect for a techno-sci-fi vibe. It works well with bright colors, gradients, and metallic effects. It’s also great for logos, posters, banners, and headlines. It’s free for personal use, but if you want to use it commercially, you need to contact the creator for a license.

The font is a geometric sans-serif with a modern Sci-Fi style and includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. It is available in a variety of styles and has a wide language support. It’s also great for bold designs. Orbitronio is another geometric font that is perfect for sci-fi designs. This display font is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. It works well with any design, including movie posters and logos.

For a more minimal geometric space font, try Topia. Its rounded corners and angular lines make it a perfect fit for sci-fi designs. This font is also great for t-shirt designs and album covers. Another great option is Aero, which features a mix of angles and rounded corners.

There are many different options for space-themed fonts, including the futuristic techno style called Xharp. This all-caps font is free for both commercial and non-commercial projects and features upper and lower case letters and basic punctuation. It can be used for unique emblems, game titling, fabric printing, and other design projects.

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