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Heart Fonts For Valentine’s Day and Beyond:

Spread the love with this adorable heart letter font. Its feminine curves are perfect for branding projects, display magazines, or invitations. So, the latest version of Rainy Hearts Font is available here to download.

This stylish font has heart swashes at the end and beginning of each character. Its lines look handwritten, creating a personal feel for your designs.

This beautiful calligraphy font is based on handwriting and includes upper and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation. It also comes with doodle hearts in the dingbats to add a fun aesthetic to your projects.

Hey Elsie:

Hey, Elsie is a lovely display font that comes in both a regular and cute version. The cute version includes amazing hearts that add a nice touch to your designs. This normally-spaced font is ideal for use in nostalgic designs.

Elsie’s people-pleasing ways landed her a job interview at MIT—the only problem is that her professional nemesis, Jack Smith (who she’s currently fake dating), is one of the committee members! Expect sparks and steam in this nerdy romance from Ali Hazelwood.

Be Mine:

This romantic font is perfect for creating a love letter or other special messages. It has hearts for dots and little flourishes on top of each character, making it playful and cute. It is also Cricut-approved and is a great choice for different types of projects.

Be Mine is a casual handwritten font that looks great on quotes, greeting cards, logos, business cards, and any other designs that need a natural touch. This font is compatible with a wide range of software programs, including Adobe Photoshop.

Love You:

Love is a stylish font that’s perfect for all your romantic designs. It has a curvy letter design that makes it stand out from other romantic fonts. It’s ideal for crafting titles for Valentine’s Day cards, wedding invitations, and social media posts.

Be Mine is a cute and casual font that’s perfect for expressing your love. It has little details on top of each character that make it look adorable. It’s great for greeting cards and stamps. It would also be great on wedding invites and Save the Date cards.

Fontarian Sweet Heart:

With thin modern letters decorated with dainty heart accents, this lovely heart font is perfect for titles & graphic t-shirt designs. It comes with a complete set of uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuations, ligatures, stylistic sets, and multilingual support.

This fun handwriting font is ideal for branding, t-shirts, merchandise, weddings, greeting cards, and stationery. It’s also a great choice for your next bouncy quote design. It features decorative letters, dancing baselines, and unique lowercase ending heart swashes. It’s easy to use and looks amazing with other design elements.

Blossom Heart:

Blossomheart is on a hunting patrol with Hawkwing, Curlypaw, Waspwhisker, and Pebbleshine. As the patrol approaches a gorge, they discover that a monster has chickens trapped in its den.

This cute font has an elegant and timeless style that would look great on designs for wedding invitations or stationery. It also features fun heart-shaped swashes that connect letters to create beautiful titles for your designs. It even comes with alternates and ligatures to give you more options for your designs. It’s a perfect choice for any design project.

Romantic Heart:

Use this cute font with hearts to create swoon-worthy designs for Valentine’s Day and beyond. It features a unique layered look with shadow, fill, and outline layers. This font also includes swashes and connecting hearts that can be added to your designs.

Moliton is another cute heart-shaped script that works well for artisanal baking and intimate events. It has elegant curves and a charming personality that works well for branding projects, invitations, and wedding designs. There are even dingbats that add a touch of whimsy. This font is also compatible with Cricut.

Heart Love:

The heart-shaped emoji reflects love and romance. You might select it when you’re sending a message to someone special or for Valentine’s Day. You can also use it with friends to show you care.

The black heart displays love and affection but can also indicate morbidity or sorrow. You can also use it to express support for a cause like Black Lives Matter.

This cute love font has hearts for dots and is perfect for romantic projects. It is based on teenage handwriting and includes swashes and stylistic sets to create natural-looking text.

Hearts Silhouette:

Find a wide selection of Heart silhouette illustrations & vectors available royalty-free. Explore high-quality graphics with different colors and hundreds of text effects.

Create your own Valentine’s Day card using a heart silhouette. This card closely follows the steps in the Leaf Silhouette Cards tutorial from Aunt Annie’s Greeting Card Class. It also uses the sponging techniques described in that tutorial.

These files are downloadable as SVG, DXF, EPS, and PNG. They can be used with most cutting machine software programs including Cricut and Silhouette Studio.


Angelist Heart is a lovely calligraphy font that’s sure to add a luxury spark to your design projects. It has beautiful characters that dance along the baseline and include ligatures to give you even more flexibility.

It’s also one of the few Cricut fonts with hearts that look handwritten, creating a more personal aesthetic. It comes with a few swashes and ends with a heart symbol, making it ideal for wedding invitations or other designs.

Did you make something with this font? Share it so others can see it!

Monogram Heart Flourish Font:

If you’re looking for a Cricut font with hearts, look no further than Monogram Heart Flourish. This unique lettering font with hearts in each character is inspired by romance and can add an elegant touch to your handmade designs.

Another cute Cricut font with hearts is Lovingly. This script font is based on handwriting, which gives it a more personal touch. It also features swashes that connect with hearts. This font can be used for wedding invitations and more. It’s a fun option to try out on your next project!

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