Glacial Indifference Regular

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Glacial Indifference Regular:

Glacial Indifference Regular is a geometric sans-serif font inspired by Bauhaus and Futura with a solid, sturdy feel. It features a wide range of typographical features and supports 78 languages, making it an ideal choice for designs with lots of text.

This font was designed by Hanken Design Co. and released in 2015. It can be used for any design project.


Glacial Indifference is a sans-serif font that takes inspiration from Bauhaus geometric typefaces. It was designed by Hanken Design Co in 2015 and features 3 styles. Its legible and heavy appearance makes it perfect for use in headlines and titles. It also supports a wide range of languages, making it easy to use in a variety of projects.

Some fonts that pair well with Glacial Indifference include Lato and Montserrat. Lato’s rounded shapes and gentle strokes provide a pleasing contrast with Glacial Indifference’s more angular lines. Montserrat is another geometric sans-serif font that offers a similar modern aesthetic. Its taller x-height and narrower letterforms complement the wider base of Glacial Indifference.

Other options that pair well with Glacial Indifference are Selima and Norwester. These fonts are readable and clean, making them ideal for use in headlines and titles. In addition, Selima’s elegant style and serif structure provide a striking contrast with the angular lines of Glacial Indifference.


Glacial Indifference is a geometric sans-serif font that was designed in 2015. It was inspired by Bauhaus geometric fonts and has many similarities with the Futura font. So, it includes a number of different styles, making it a great choice for a variety of applications.

Among the many uses for this typeface are thumbnails for YouTube channels, logo design, and posters. Its textured appearance makes it suitable for a wide variety of designs. It is also suitable for a variety of text sizes.

This font is free to use, but you must acknowledge the copyright of the author. You may not modify the font without express written permission from the author. You must also provide a link to the author’s website.

Glacial Indifference is a versatile font that can be used in many situations. Its legibility makes it ideal for headlines, titles, and texts. It also works well with other sans-serif fonts, such as Lato, Montserrat, and Roboto. These fonts have a similar modern aesthetic and can create a visual contrast with Glacial Indifference’s geometric shapes.


A geometric sans-serif font with a symmetrical and balanced aesthetic, Glacial Indifference was designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil. Released by Hanken Design Co in 2015, the font has become a popular choice for modern designers. The clean font features three unique styles and 183 keen characters, making it a versatile choice for both text and display typography.

So, this font is free for PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL USE. You can use it in your website, logos, flyers, and more. However, if you are using it in commercial projects, you must purchase the license from the copyright holder. You can contact them by sending an email to the merchant on FontGoods, which provides a font commercial licensing service.

This font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1. The goal of this license is to stimulate the worldwide development of collaborative font projects and to support the work of academic and linguistic communities in their efforts to create, share, and promote high-quality fonts.


The Glacial Indifference Regular font is a geometric sans-serif style that is free for personal use. It was designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil and released by Hanken Design Co. in 2015. Its simplicity and versatility make it a great choice for modern designs. It also has similarities to the Futura font, so you can use it in conjunction with other styles.

This font has 189 glyphs and supports basic Latin and Western European languages. Its clean, minimalist design makes it easy to read at any size. It is a great choice for body text or headlines. It also has a wide range of OpenType features, including ligatures and fractions.

So, the Glacial Indifference font can be used in a variety of applications, including print and web design. It is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows and MAC OS. It can also be viewed on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This typeface is available in both OTF and TTF formats.

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