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Traditional Arabic Font:

Traditional Arabic Font Free Download is a font typeface that is perfect for text-heavy multilingual projects. It’s also great for apps, signage systems, or product instruction manuals. Its clean lines and tight leading make it readable even at small sizes.

This is a modern OpenType Traditional Arabic Font Free Download with a combination of Kufi and geometrical styles. Its straight and curved parts vary, but the overall construction of its angular cuts gives it a unique look suitable for titles, and modern designs.


Kaleem is a simple and modern Traditional Arabic Font Free Download that can create unique and elegant designs. It pairs well with different handwritten and script fonts and can be used to make creative shows and logos. It features 25 unique patterns and offers multilingual support. While, It can be used in a variety of design projects including style magazine covers, e-book covers, templates, and lettering for price menus.

Kaleem has been designed based on geometric bureaucracy and features. It is easy to use and has a very natural appearance. Its angular shapes give it a unique and distinctive character and its wide glyph set makes it perfect for all types of designs. Its minimalist aesthetic is both stylish and elegant, making it a great choice for fashion magazines and other designs. It is available in several weights and widths so that you can find the perfect fit for your project.


Lamhah is a modern Arabic font that combines active letterforms with sharp edges. Its design makes it suitable for a wide range of contemporary utilizations, from web to print. It is available in several weights, including Light, Regular, and Semi Bold.

The word lama is an Arabic word that means “glance” or “glimmer.” It has a pattern of the verbal noun form 1 and follows the short vowel pattern fa3la, where f, 3, and l are replaced with the root letters of the word.

Lamha is a one-stop app that offers educational and entertainment content in multiple formats. It provides a deep and vast library of book summaries in text or audio by professional narrators. It is a great way to invest your time and improve your knowledge.


Takween is a system of Allah Ta’ala for dealing with matters that are confidential and secret. Some of the great scholars like Hadhrat Shah Saheb (rahimahullah) and ‘Allamah Suyuti have explained this system with clear evidence and presented many Ahadith also. These saints are special people whom Allah Ta’ala has given the knowledge, science, and doctrine of taken. They can remove many calamities and send rain due to their Takween.

Maturidis have understood the meaning of taken by referring to it as an attribute that is eternal and not renewed or repeated since affirming that this attribute is similar to the attribute of creating, granting provision, and giving life would imply that Allah is not the Creator – which would be tantamount to disbelief (kufr). The Takweeni saints are entrusted with certain duties and responsibilities that are very important for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


Zapfino was designed by world-renowned typeface designer Hermann Zapf for Linotype in 1998. It is a calligraphic script font that is free for personal use. Then, It contains a large set of ligatures and alternates for each letter to help it look more natural. It also includes a variety of ornaments and flourishes that can be used to add style to your text.

When designing the Arabic companion to Zapfino, a lot of thought went into how to design the shapes and structure of letters. The main challenge was how to integrate the slant of the Arabic with the other script’s vertical orientation and stacking order. It turned out that there is no one individual calligraphic style that suits this.

However, thanks to modern OpenType technology, Zapfino Extra offers a solution to this dilemma. Its contextual features allow glyph substitution based on the context of surrounding glyphs to better reflect the fluidity of Zapfino’s original calligraphy.

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