Traditional Tattoo Font Numbers

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Traditional Tattoo Font Numbers:

There are several types of Traditional Tattoo Fonts, and choosing the right one is crucial to a successful project. The most popular styles include Strong West, Black seas, Familia, and Old School Tattoo. But what do you look for in a tattoo font?

This article will provide you with information about choosing the right one for your project. Whether you’re looking for something unique, or just want a simple design that looks great on your skin, we’ve got you covered.

Old School Tattoo:

There’s something about tattoo fonts with Old School tattoo lettering that’s both timeless and hip. The hand-drawn look of this font is reminiscent of the tattoo style of the early 1900s. It comes in a number of weights and features decorative serifs, as well as alternate upper and lower case sizes.

It also has a complete set of numbers, punctuation, and more. If you’re looking for a hand-drawn tattoo font, you’ve come to the right place! This tattoo font features a retro feel, with an emphasis on hand lettering and monograms.

It comes in two versions: a clean and a rough version. This typeface is versatile and can be used for tattoo sketches and design elements. It also features old-school tattoo flower vector files. Old School Tattoo Font Numbers

Strong West:

The retro, Western style of the Strong West traditional tattoo font is perfect for tattoos with nautical or western themes. This handcrafted font has both uppercase and lowercase letter forms, including punctuation.

It is available in black, bold, and regular styles. In addition to its letter styles, Strong West includes a bonus glyph set with 75 additional glyphs. It is also available as a tattoo number font. If you’re looking for a font for tattoo numbers, look no further than this retro-inspired option.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, classic, or gothic style tattoo, this classic font will do the trick. The curled, elegant ornaments of this typeface make it perfect for tattoos. This typeface also works great as a branding tool, on invitation cards, logotypes, t-shirts, and even on your tattoo portfolio. The good thing about this font is that it’s easily removable, making it ideal for temporary designs.

Black seas:

You can get your hands on Black seas Traditional Tattoo Font Numbering if you’re looking for a classic tattoo font. This bold decorative serif font features upper and lower case letters and punctuation marks in both black and white.

Its rich shading adds a vintage touch to your work. If you’re looking for a more modern tattoo font, consider Datgabra. This beautiful font has a hand-crafted feel and comes in two variations – bold and black.

Sailor is another tattoo font inspired by classic sailor prints. This thin monoline font comes with a variety of accented sailor characters. It’s available in a range of styles and is fully customizable. It includes upper and lower case alternates and has extensive language support. Sailor Marie is described as one of the most popular sailor tattoo fonts ever. It’s flexible, has expressive flourishes, and is sold separately starting at $23.


The Familia traditional tattoo font includes numbers, ligatures, and concealing. Its retro style is ideal for back pieces and arm tattoos. It offers a variety of multilingual accents and concealing. It also features a range of decorative accents and ligatures. Regardless of your tattoo design’s theme, Familia is sure to be a hit. Listed below are just a few of the many choices available to you.

Tattoo Girl: This old-school typeface is incredibly usable, with a modular outline and fill. The font ships with lower and uppercase letters, ligatures, numbers, and common punctuation. It costs $36 per font. Designed by tattoo artists, the Familia family features both serif and non-serif styles. Because it is so versatile, you can mix and match ligatures and stylistic alternates with ease.

Loopy BRK:

If you want a traditional tattoo font with a fun display, try Loopy BRK. This font combines block lettering and tribal art-inspired loops. It is derived from a Seattle tattoo shop, and its characters feature thick strokes and sharp serifs for an old-school vibe with a modern twist. Its name comes from its use in tattoos, and it’s available in both capital and small-cap versions.

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The name “Hatchet” is a nod to vintage woodcuts and tattoos. This font’s monoline design is consistent across letter styles and includes useful punctuation. It also features a small-caps set, which includes thin line weights and thin lines compared to the full-height letter set.

Aside from the names of its two children, the font is also available in several different styles. Its unique monoline build makes it more useful for flash paintings and merchandising.

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