Word Font That Looks Like Handwriting

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Word Font That Looks Like Handwriting:

Word Font That Looks Like Handwriting with an organic feel like this one from Blambot can be a great addition to designs that don’t take themselves too seriously. It could also be a good choice for designs that use the scribblings of a mad scientist or recipes from a master chef.

This decorative display font works well in bold situations, but it might not be the best fit for a key copy in smaller sizes. Consider pairing it with a strong, complementary font to keep legibility high.

The Hand:

If you’re looking to create a font that looks like handwriting but still wants to look contemporary, this is the perfect option. Bambi is a fun, casual handwritten font with thick strokes that bring to mind marker pen writing. This stylish handwriting style is bouncy and lively, yet elegant and natural. It’s a great font for titles or other points of emphasis in your design.

This cursive handwriting font has a casual feel to it that would be great for a birthday card or friendly invitation. Its glyphs link together just like real joined-up handwriting, and there’s a chalk dust effect that gives it the aesthetic of someone writing down a recipe for homemade apple pie.

This font looks lovely at larger sizes but may not be as strong at smaller ones, so it might work better as a display font rather than for extensive body copy. Consider pairing it with a strong, decorative font that could complement it well, such as a geometric sans serif.


If you’re looking for a handwritten font that feels bouncy and full of energy, look no further than Halimun. It’s a versatile, multi-purpose font that’s great for comprehensive design projects. It includes a wide variety of glyphs and supports multiple languages, making it easy for designers and DIYers to use.

Another elegant handwriting font, Bulgatti has sweeping strokes that play into an elegant vibe. It would be right at home on a classy clothing line, high-end jewelry, or even in logo design. The thin lines of this font make it particularly strong at larger sizes, where it could serve as a bold stand-out font that captures attention. But it may not be the best choice for longer passages of text, given its decorative nature.

If you’re planning to use this font for a French restaurant, you might want to pair it with some whimsical illustrations for a romantic dinner feel. Alternatively, you might use it in a skincare product to highlight its luxury features.

The Script:

This modern brushed handwriting font is perfect for T-shirt designs, branding, or even headlines in the right context. It’s a rather decorative font, however, and may not be the strongest choice for longer amounts of text, like body copy. If you’re going to use it for long paragraphs, consider pairing it with a simple complementary font to improve readability.

The glyphs in this cute handwriting font link together just like real joined-up penmanship, giving it a homey and cheerful feel. It’s a great choice for children-centric projects, like party invitations or birthday greetings.

A quirky cursive font with rounded flourishes, Diggory Doodles(opens in a new tab or window) looks like it was doodled in a notebook. It’s a fun choice for child-centric designs or any project that wants to embrace a whimsical style.

The Thin:

This cute font that looks like handwriting has such a fun, casual aesthetic. It could work well for titles, logos, or even friendly invitations. The thin stokes add to the handwritten nature, and they look very elegant in larger sizes. It might not be the best font for body copy, however, as it is rather decorative and may compete too much with your other design choices. Try pairing it with a strong, neutral supplement to keep legibility in mind.

If you’re looking for a word font that looks like handwriting, you can easily find several options in Microsoft Word, as well as in Google Docs and on Pages (Mac OS). Just remember to adjust your font size, spacing, and slant accordingly to achieve the desired result. It’s a great way to give your designs that organic and handmade feel, making them appear more authentic.

The Friendly

This handwritten font is a great choice for evoking a friendly, personal feeling in your design. The casual lettering has the look of notes on a homemade card or the page of an old cookbook.

It’s a strong option for large situations, like titles or logos, and could be used to add some creativity to the look of longer passages of text as well. However, due to its rather decorative nature, it might not be the strongest option for a body copy. In these cases, a strong, supplemental font would be a good idea.

Designed by Locomotype Studio, this handwriting font has a playful feel to it. It’s inspired by a social media meme from Indonesia in which children shout “Om telolet om!” at bus drivers to get them to honk their horns. This font is free for personal use, and you can purchase a commercial license on the developer’s website.

The Easy

If you’re looking for a word font that looks like handwriting that’s easy on the eyes, try this free design by Marcelo Reis Melo. It’s a bold design that works well in larger sizes and could be used for posters or logos.

Another great option is Reis, a handwriting font that’s designed to look tidy. This design is based on the designer’s daughter’s handwriting, so it has a personal touch that makes it stand out. It’s also free for commercial use, so you can give the creator a donation if you like.

If you’re looking for a handwriting font that doesn’t take itself too seriously, try Something Wild. This design uses block capitals and a chunky marker thickness to add an authentic feel to your designs. It could be the perfect choice for casual designs, or even for a playful brand. This font has a wide set of glyphs that are sure to make your designs more creative.

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