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Horror Font:

Horror Font Download Free is designed to evoke a sense of fear and darkness in your designs. They can be used in movie posters, scary themes, and other spooky projects. Horror Font Download Free can also be used in video games that have scary themes and settings.

The Horror Font Download Free in this collection is designed with different styles and colors. Some are even distorted, making them perfect for Halloween invitations or movies with zombies.

True Lies:

True Lies is the latest entry into the washed-out world of CBS television, where CSI, NCIS, and their spinoffs are already playing on autopilot. And while the promise that Harry and his crew will somehow get out of these stings alive will keep casual viewers coming back week after week, there’s an uncomfortable truth lurking just below the surface.

True Lies font is a beautiful font that was designed by Jonathan S. Harris. It comes under the brush category and has 132 unique characters. You can use this font for various designing purposes such as logo designs, poster designs, and more.

Stranger Back in the Night

Stranger Back in the Night is a creepy font that’s a perfect fit for Halloween designs. Its spellbinding design evokes the eerie stillness of midnight haunts and spine-chilling tales. It’s also great for spooky branding and social media assets.

This font is free for personal use, but you should always check the author’s website or contact him for commercial licensing information. It’s best used for product logos, posters, headlines, packaging, and writing web designs. The font comes in both regular and dripping styles. Easily customize your text and create appealing graphics using our online preview.


A scary font can create an aura of horror and fear, which is important in the main title of a movie poster. It can be used to portray various creatures such as ghosts, hanging skeletons, demons, and vampires. It can also be used for movie posters involving military or war themes.

The Red Undead font has drops of blood dripping from its letters, which creates a scary and bloody effect. This font is perfect for horror movies and gangster films. Its rough style can make your poster more attractive to the audience.

Red Undead:

So, red Undead is a free font inspired by the zombies in the 2010 action-adventure video game Red Dead Redemption. It is based on Chinese Rocks by Larabie Fonts and comes in 18 styles (Red Undead Rotate 2 Red Undead Title Red Undead Staggered Rotalic Red Undead Shift Red Undead Semi Italic). Check the games section for more free fonts similar to this one.

This page contains mature content and may contain coarse language, sexual references, graphic violent images, and other material that can be disturbing to some users.

Shaun of the Dead:

Besides, Shaun of the Dead is a horror comedy that was written and directed by Edgar Wright. It follows the story of directionless electronics salesman Shaun and his friend Ed, who wakes to find that a zombie apocalypse has overwhelmed London.

The movie is filled with witty lines that have made it a cult classic. It also pays homage to classic zombie films, such as George R. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

It is a rare comedy that understands how to combine zombies with genres like romance and buddy movies.


If you’re looking for a creepy font to design your horror movie posters, then look no further than Savath. This stylish font has a spooky, narrow design that will give your designs the perfect scary feel.

Another Danger font has a violent and dangerous style that can be used in movies, horror-themed video games, or military brands. The splatter effects on each letter add an element of fear to the text. It’s perfect for describing the dangers of the modern world. It’s also great for designing t-shirt graphics and other art projects.

Horror Joys:

This mysterious font is perfect for adding an eerie feel to your design. Its narrow brush strokes are reminiscent of the oozing and creeping effects in horror designs. It’s perfect for dark film posters and other projects that require a creepy aesthetic.

Nothing speaks horror more than splatters, and this font has them in abundance. The glyphs resemble slime oozing down the large bold letters, making it perfect for children’s horror stories or cute Halloween party invitations. It’s also great for dark t-shirt designs or music album covers.


Further, get into the Halloween spirit with Scary Club, a whimsically spooky display font that brings a playful edge to any project. Perfect for t-shirt design, stickers, and other creative applications, this font offers a distinctive flair that will make your designs stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, unleash your spooky side with Gravestone, a one-of-a-kind display font that exudes an eerie ambiance. With ligatures, alternates, and multilingual support, this font empowers your creativity.

If you want a more gruesome feel, check out Spiderfingers, a grunge-inspired font that’s ideal for death metal album covers and other dark projects. Another option is the skeleton-inspired Ink and Bones, a minimal dingbat font with plenty of glyphs for a Halloween vibe.

Zai I Love Covid-19:

Horror fonts are designed to evoke feelings of fear and darkness. They are perfect for movie posters, music albums, and other spooky designs. These fonts feature thick strokes and sharp edges that add to their menacing appeal.

Although, all My Stitches font looks like pieces of fabric stitched together and is ideal for horror movies featuring mutilated people. All My Stitches is also great for posters of horror movies with a dark background. Danger Zone font is a warning to stay away from dangerous areas, and it can be used for movie posters and logo designs of street fashion brands.

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