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Halloween Font:

Halloween Font Download Free is an unnerving holiday that calls for frightening designs. From creating bloodied zombies to recreating serial killer handwriting, fonts offer you plenty of ways to add creepiness.

Eater font has been described as an infected display font with an infectious disease that’s slowly spreading, with a rusty and decayed aesthetic suitable for any horror film.


The Babadook is a terrifying ghost who haunts families through an unsuspecting pop-up book. However, it can only be defeated when those being haunted overcome their fears and accept what has occurred as tragic events unfold around them – unlike traditional ghosts who exist purely as physical entities – unlike its counterpart, which represents grief itself rather than acting as its embodiment.

This 2014 Australian-Canadian psychological horror movie directed by Jennifer Kent stars Essie Davis as single mother Amelia, raising six-year-old Samuel while mourning the death of her husband. The plot revolves around a nightmare she has in which there is a small boy with spiky talon hands and an exuding face who threatens them regularly.

Amelia attempts to destroy the book when she discovers it by ripping its pages apart and throwing them away, only for it to come back through her front door with broken pages glued back together crudely despite Amelia’s best efforts. Soon thereafter, The Babadook begins taking control of Amelia and forcing her into trying to kill her son before eventually she vomits out a black and inky substance similar to ectoplasm which stops this attempt at murderousness.

Lunar Tundra:

No matter, if you’re creating Halloween party invitations or cards, designing posters, or crafting a scary mask, using a creepy font that sets the right atmosphere, is essential. Many free download options exist that feature these scary fonts with many styles including those featuring bloody, muddy, or rusty effects for added effect.

If you’re searching for horror movie fonts, Double Feature is a powerfully bold script dripping with blood. Additionally, Nosferotica or Buffied may provide more of a vampire feel if desired.

There’s nothing easier than the skull-shaped font CF Skull Script, making it an increasingly popular Halloween choice. Perfect for scary movie posters and bold headlines alike. Also consider Pumpkin, an alternative serif with round letters that has no lowercase characters; or try Jack O Lantern which features creepy-crawly faces and spider webs for some added creepy goodness!

Halloween Spooky:

This font is perfect for creating horror movie posters, album art, or any kind of Halloween design. Featuring retro poster-like lettering with condensed lettering, texture effects, and some decorative flourishes to give it some flair, this font can also be freely used for personal use without incurring additional licensing costs.

For fonts with more than just letters, Freaky Halloween may be just what you need. This minimal dingbat font features 26 pumpkin, bat, spider, and skeleton characters as well as numerous symbols – perfect for personal or commercial use alike! Plus it’s completely free!

Those looking for fonts reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show should check out Double Feature; its bloodsplattered font is used for both personal and commercial use, as can Wild Wood which creates the feel of an eerie forest with its gnarled branches spreading in every direction.

Spooky Finger:

Spooky Finger is an enjoyable yet sinister font, ideal for Halloween projects such as party invitations and admission tickets. With its mixture of scary yet humorous characters, Spooky Finger makes reading larger font sizes easier.

If vampires are your thing, try this free Halloween font inspired by the TV show Charmed. It features an easy script style resembling barbed wire, available in both upper and lower case letters.

Fiddum Family was design with gothic designs in mind. Inspired by horror movie families, this decorative gothic font boasts arched capital letters to add an eerie vibe and handy dingbats that can serve as symbols or backgrounds – perfect for both personal and commercial projects! Plus it’s free!


If you need an adaptable font that can cover both happy and scary content, look no further. This free Halloween font duo features pumpkins, bats, spiders, and skeletons as glyphs – as well as being fully vectorized with upper case letters, numbers as well as special characters such as swashes.

Mukadua is a feminine script font design to complement any design aesthetic. With its curling lettering and diverse symbols, its curves lend themselves well to invitation cards or eye-catching branding designs. Furthermore, Mukadua can also uses for packaging design and impactful advertising campaigns thanks to its rich feature set and multilingual support – plus PUA encoded support enables easy programmatic access and use!


Creepsville font is perfect for creating Halloween-inspired designs, and includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters as well as uppercase and lowercase letters with skulls adorning it – plus it is free for personal use!

If you want to give your design an unnerving, horror aesthetic, consider Double Feature font from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Based on its title font and featuring a blood-dripping effect. Plus, its seductive vampiric feel completes the package!

For something with more of a whimsical style, try fonts such as Groovy Ghosties with its ghostly letters that seem to fade into nothingness before your eyes or Ghoulmore, an unconventional serif font with round letters.

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