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Whitney Medium Font:

Whitney Medium Font Download Free is a sans-serif font designed by American-type designer Tobias Frere-Jones. It was created for New York’s Whitney Museum as its institutional typeface. Its two key requirements were flexibility for editorial requisites and design consistency with the Whitney Museum’s existing public signage.

To install this font on a Windows computer, follow these steps: 1. Double-click the downloaded file. A window will open displaying a font overview.

Whitney Bold:

Whitney Bold is an unpretentious Humanist san designed by American-type designer Tobias Frere-Jones. It is a very easy-to-read font with a wide range of features that adapt well to various settings. Its unique design has made it a popular choice for numerous international brands such as Kodak, Hilton Hotels, Delta Air Lines, and many more.

When creating Whitney Sans, Tobias wanted to find out what would happen if he put all of his influences into one pot and let them cook. He was aiming for something that was both quirky and distinct but also refined and perfect for the job at hand. So he threw in a lot of ideas that he had gathered from different sources like New Century Gothic, Frutiger, Verdana, Interstate, Roxy, Alisal, and his own inscriptional Whitney Titling.

The result is a very distinctive but still legible family of six weights from Light to Black provided with Roman and italic in both condensed and extended styles. The extended version contains several alternates that allow for better text adjustment in situations where more flexibility is required. Tobias and Jonathan Hoefler saw a future for Whitney in data-heavy content such as brochures, information design, and catalogs. So they added the Index styles which feature circles and glyphs that resemble numbers and letters in a circle to give designers more options for layouts involving data visualization.

Whitney Medium:

Whitney Medium is a sans-serif font with an unobtrusive readability that adapts well to different settings. It is easy to use, and many international brands such as Kodak and Hilton Hotels have used it in their logos and brand identities. This font was designed by Tobias Frere-Jones and is available in a wide range of styles and weights. It is also suitable for printing at sizes smaller than 12 points.

Hilary Greenbaum, the director of design at the Whitney Museum, spoke about the museum’s identity system at Typographics in 2017. The Whitney is known for supporting young artists and displaying contemporary, edgy art. Its new identity system sought to balance the bold perspective of its art with a type-centric approach.

To install this font on your computer, first make sure that all applications are closed and then double-click the file. If the font file is error-free and the system does not already have this font installed. The Fonts program will open, displaying the new font. If there are errors, a Font Check window will appear. You can close by clicking the triangle in the upper-right corner.

Whitney Narrow SSm Medium:

Whitney Narrow is the narrowest member of the Whitney family, designed as a companion to its slightly wider counterpart. Its tight spacing and narrow width make it a good choice for tight settings and short-to-medium lengths of text. It also makes it a great alternative to more narrow sans-serif styles. Its sharp corners and straight-edged construction give it a more formal and serious look than most humanist sans-serifs. But still a friendly and approachable one for everyday use.

While designing Whitney, Tobias drew many influences into the mix (News Gothic, Gill Sans, Frutiger, Interstate, Hendrik van den Keere’s work, Roxy, Alisal, ITC Cerigo) and also used his own inscriptional Whitney Titling as a reference. He pushed the square shapes of h, m, and n much narrower than they might be expected to be in a contemporary sans-serif and also gave them a very active rhythm. He incorporated these rhythms into the rest of the design to create a very lively. The readable face was both familiar and unique.

Tobias’s work on Whitney was a milestone in his career. He was awarded the Critic’s Award from Type Magazine for this style and it would appear in many of his later type designs. It includes a wide range of bespoke fonts for clients like Kodak and Hilton Hotels. The original Whitney was an institutional typeface for New York’s Whitney Museum but its popularity led to it being used by other companies and brands worldwide.

Whitney Condensed Medium:

Whitney Condensed Medium is a versatile font that’s easy to read at larger sizes. It’s a humanist sans serif that works well in both editorial typography and public signage. With compact forms that use space efficiently. It’s also a very clear and approachable font, helping BU convey that we’re a confident, modern, and dynamic university.

Tobias began with a distilled design brief, a recipe of “flavors” he wanted to evoke, and a wide variety of influences—from News Gothic and Gill Sans to Frutiger, Verdana, Interstate, Hendrik van den Keere’s work, Alisal, Roxy, and his own inscriptional Whitney Titling. These diverse ingredients made for a truly unique typeface, one that Tobias feels could only have been created by him.

The strictness of the nine-degree grid, for instance, created some playful moments when letters such as a, c, and r nestle together in a kind of conversation. The shortened and then removed vertical stem in the question mark is another notable feature that sets Whitney apart from other Sans Serifs.

With six weights from Light to Black, Whitney offers both Roman and italic versions of all styles. The OpenType editions include tabular and fractional numerals as well. A companion “Index” package includes circled numbers, handy for enumerating steps in recipes or marking key places on maps.

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