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Stolzl Font:

Stolzl Font Download Free is the perfect font for all your fun designs. It was designed by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya and is free for personal use. It has many features and options.

The Northern Block is internationally recognized for designing modernist fonts for brands, creatives, and makers. Their collaborative design process focuses on innovation and experimentation.

Stolzl Light:

Stolzl is a modern geometric font designed by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya and released by The Northern Block type foundry. So, the font is inspired by the Bauhaus art school and style, named after its only female master Gunta Stolzl, a textile artist who helped to shape the modern design world. The font accentuates the same idealism and commitment to experimentation and balance of function and design, form, and rhythm that is so characteristic of this art school.

The font family includes six weights, including thin and light, plus Cyrillic. It also features a wide range of OpenType features, including alternative glyphs and manually edited kerning. This makes it an ideal choice for use in headlines and titles. The font also works well with other modern serif and sans-serif fonts, such as Montserrat and Poppins.

The text companion to the display version of this font is Stolzl Text, optically tailored to perform as a functional addition to this concept-steered font collection. It has been carefully developed and tested to work in a variety of sizes, both on screen and in print. This allows the design to be used in different environments, making it an excellent option for business and corporate use. For example, Stolzl’s Text can be paired with Edwardian Script for a structured report that needs to look artistic but still maintains legibility.

Stolzl Thin:

Stolzl Thin is a thin variant of the original Stolzl font designed by Mariya Pigoulevskaya and published by The Northern Block. It’s the text companion of the Stolzl Display type family, optically tailored to perform as a functional addition to this concept-steered font collection. It is perfect for body text, titles, and other long-form text. Its elegant forms and legibility make it a great choice for print and digital environments.

Named after Bauhaus’s only female master artist Gunta Stolzl, this original geometric design is a unique mix of angular movements turned into letters, with a harmony of form and rhythm – fundamental in the work of this renowned art school. Designer Mariya Pigoulevskaya aimed at capturing Bauhaus’ original idealism and commitment to experiment-driven philosophy in her creation, while also remaining true to the spirit of modernism and its rationalist principles – simple shapes, no ornament, keeping designs as clean as possible.

Then, it comes in six weights – Thin, Light, Normal, Regular, Medium, and Bold – each containing 480 characters. The font includes wonderful Cyrillic, alternative glyphs, manually edited kerning, and plenty of OpenType features. It is perfect for branding projects, housewares designs, and product packaging, or simply as a stylish text overlay on any background image. Try the free online preview to see how it looks in your designs.

Stolzl Bold:

Stolzl Bold is a bold font that is great for highlighting your design elements. Firstly, it was designed by Mariya V Pigoulevskaya and is free for personal use. It can be used with other fonts to create a unique look. It is recommended to download a sample file to see how the font looks before downloading it.

Besides, the font features angular movements turned into type, the Bauhaus ideal turned into letters. Clear shapes, no ornament, keeping designs as simple as possible: basic Bauhaus rules were adjusted for the design of this family. It is dedicated to Gunta Stolzl, a female Bauhaus master artist with far-reaching influence. She left the Bauhaus for Switzerland, where she continued to develop her designs for carpets, textiles, and handweaving.

This original font is intended for headlines, titles, and subtitles. It combines the strength of its contrasting forms with an astonishingly harmonious overall impression. Its designer has aimed at capturing the original Bauhaus idealism and commitment to their experimental, conceptual approach.

Also, it is easy to read and can be used in many different settings. It is best paired with a serif font for body text. Choosing the right serif font will depend on your inclination and the tone you want to convey in your document. You can also use a sans-serif font, such as Lato or Source Sans Pro, to complement Stolzl.

Stolzl Text:

Although, Gunta Stolzl was a Bauhaus master and textile artist. She left the school in 1931 and settled in Zurich, where she and her partners Gertrud Preiswerk and Heinrich-Otto Hurlimann established a handweaving business. She designed carpets and textiles as well as woven covers for furniture by Marcel Breuer. Her work was exhibited in museums in Basel and New York.

So, the designer of the typeface, Mariya Pigoulevskaya, wanted to capture the original Bauhaus idealism and their commitment to creativity and experiment-driven philosophy in her design. The result is a series of very original, modern geometric fonts with a strong sense of contrast between the contrasting shapes and an impressive harmony of form and rhythm.

Unlike some of the other Sans-serif fonts on this list, Stolzl Text has a fairly tight aperture and works best at larger sizes. This makes it a suitable font for use in headlines, titles, and subtitles. It is available in six weights, including Cyrillic. It also includes a range of OpenType features and alternative glyphs.

The font’s other defining features are its narrow width and sharply tapered vertical strokes, which give it a distinctive appearance. The style is similar to Montserrat, a popular sans-serif font with a clean and modern feel. It is free to download on Google Fonts and also available in the Adobe Creative Cloud collection.

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