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Canterbury Font:

Canterbury Font Download Free is an OpenType font designed specifically to be used in commercial and personal projects alike. Crafted by hand with refined character and plenty of flexibility.

This drawing on vellum depicts the Canterbury font from its perspective. Likely drafted by John Christmas himself or someone working under him and bearing his signature.


This font can be used for any type of design imaginable – logos, covers, prints – including commercial use. Downloaded free of charge and available in italics, bold, and light styles; its elegant style makes it great for branding projects as well as product packaging designs, housewares designs, and logos.

Canterbury OS Pro was originally designed by Morris F. Benton in 1920 for American Type Founders and later revised for digital production by Raymond Vatter and Steve Jackaman in 1992, followed by an upgrade in 2003 with new weight and the full set of swash capitals added as part of International Type Founders (ITF) Red Rooster Collection.

This font can be downloaded for free on any operating system – Windows or macOS alike. Just click on the button below, and you will be taken directly to our download page where you can save a compressed ZIP format of it safely and free from malware or viruses.


Canterbury font is a striking font with elegant edges that adds an eye-catching flourish to designs. Its sharp corners and intricate details make it perfect for logos, titles, and invitations, while vintage themes also benefit from it. Canterbury font is easy to use and free for download across major operating systems – perfect!

Canterbury was designed by type designer Steve Jackaman for Red Rooster TypeFounders, Inc. Later it was made available under the license of International TypeFounders and now comes as a complete OpenType Pro family with historical ligatures, alternates, and ornaments. Based on late Medieval Gothic typography with its rough edge.

Blackletter font that can be used for various applications, including logos, titles, and invitations. Featuring its whimsical old-time feel and is distinguishable in all sizes. An ideal choice for plaques or formal inscriptions due to its sculptural qualities reminiscent of church architecture; complements well with flowing forms in sans serif sister font.


Canterbury is an elegant yet playful handwritten serif font designed to add sophistication and charm to logos, vintage graphics, and other creative projects. Featuring various contextual and stylistic alternates for increased versatility as well as support for most major languages glyph support is provided too.

These pieces feature the delicate sculptured qualities associated with church architecture, making them ideal for plaques and certificates as well as applications requiring grandeur and dignity. Plus, we have weights and styles available so it’s easy to match them to the style of any project!

AZFonts is an online resource offering high-quality fonts free for download for personal or commercial use, packaged as compressed ZIP files that you can extract by right-clicking.

Typographer Mediengestaltung’s Canterbury Regular font is an open-source design free to download for personal and commercial use. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux systems, and iOS operating systems alike. There is one style available for download; no malware or viruses have been reported during testing of its download link. Personal use is free but commercial usage must purchase a license first.


This font offers an airy aesthetic, making it an excellent choice for fashion magazines or blogs. The geometric design adds visual interest. Its elegant letterforms make this font easily downloadable at Behance(opens in a new window).

Then, The Canterbury font is one of the most prominent English Renaissance architectural drawings that survived from the 17th century—designed by John Christmas and Matthias (an often-overlooked brother from an English family of sculptors, woodcarvers, and artificers).

So, Valencia font is perfect for romantic projects. Constructed of handwriting with ligatures and featuring light stroke contrast and high ascenders. Its delicate letters with no slant would add elegance to wedding invitations or casual posts. Download it from Dribbble(opens in a new window). Serendipity’s delicate letters feature no slant; designed by Alan Meeks it would look wonderful on an invitation or blog. Available at The Fancy Deal(opens in new window). Serendipity offers more feminine styling with its tall and thin uppercase letters. Download it from The Fancy Deal(opens in a new window).


Furthermore, the Canterbury font is a luxurious, majestic typeface designed for plaques, certificates, and formal inscriptions. Its bold serif typeface features graceful, dignified serifs that evoke church architecture reminiscent of its sculptural qualities. Making Canterbury ideal for projects that need an air of class and distinction.

Chaucer lived in an age of plague, famine, and war; yet his tales remain humorous, lighthearted, and witty despite this reality. At last, They illustrate a medieval English culture outside religious texts or written histories. One as glorious in its way as the Canterbury Cathedral font.

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