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True Lies Font:

True Lies Font Download Free is an elegant font family belonging to the fancy fonts family, featuring 132 individual characters with luxurious styling for use in various design projects such as logos, banners, etc.

Hackney Typeface exudes authenticity with its paintbrush-like detailing and bold lettering that elevates designs to new heights. Its rustic charm also makes an impressive statement.


Hensa is an elegant font suitable for various design projects, perfect for headlines and titles alike. As a modern brush font featuring basic Latin lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers, punctuation glyphs, letter ligatures numerals extra swashes. Bold rough characters make Hensa an excellent choice when selecting headlines and titles with extra swashes making this font compatible with numerous design software programs.

Hensa is a free font that can be used both personally and commercially. Downloaded directly from its creator’s website, Hensa can be used to create attractive text graphics suited for posters, certificates, and theme designs.


Zallord is a bold, striking font designed to grab your audience’s attention and is ideal for titles and headers. With bold upper case letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and punctuation (it comes complete with upper/lower case characters!), Zallord makes for an eye-catching title or header font.

Alice Whales created this versatile brush font, perfect for creating eye-catching displays, posters, clothing designs, and logos with its realistic paintbrush texture and beautiful serifs. Perfect for any design project that needs something extra!

To maximize Zallord’s potential, pair it with simple sans-serif text fonts and condensed modern fonts for headlines – this will maintain its dignified presence without overwhelming the layout.


Crocky the Crocodile needs your assistance to rescue Tinker Bell and her fairy friends from perilous pirates! Come aboard his pirate ship and explore all its rooms from the kitchen to the captain’s quarters! Help Crocky by joining him as you journey across it all together.

Crockys tend to be excellent caregivers, providing comfort and protection to those closest to them. Furthermore, they possess a keen sense of justice; often making sacrifices on behalf of others in pursuit of what’s best.

Make an impressionful statement about yourself or any text with fancy text styles above! Simply copy and paste any desired text into our fancy text generator tool online.


Macbeth serves as an allegory of corruption when people lust after power. Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth will do anything necessary to attain that position, from killing people to becoming insane if it means becoming king and queen of Scotland.

In Macbeth, power becomes the driving force. His ambition fuels this tragic flaw of his character.

Macbeth must bridge the gap between his title from the Weird Sisters and the actual action that will achieve it, between desires and fearful actions, noun and verb, word and deed.


Banaue is the ideal place to relax and unwind if you want a truly immersive experience of nature and ancient culture. Just be sure to observe their beliefs and traditions during your visit.

Locals in this quaint mountainous town are friendly, respectful, and generous people who will welcome you with open arms. They will teach you their traditional lifestyle practices while making you feel right at home in this stunning mountain town.

Banaue is also known for its stunning rice terraces. These have become iconic symbols of Ifugao culture and it is vitally important that they remain undisturbed. Therefore, preservation is of utmost importance in this case.


True Lies Font is an appealing typeface created by Jonathan S. Harris as part of a modern brush font family. Featuring uppercase letters, numbers, general punctuation marks, and 132 unique characters – including bold rough characters without corners that make striking headings – True Lies Font can be used across numerous design projects, including logos, certificates, and theme designs – it pairs perfectly with Knowave font and is easy to copy/paste into new documents for creative projects! You can download True Lies Font freely if needed or for creative projects using Knowave font.


Bathi is an eye-catching modern font designed by Jonathan S. Harris, an esteemed type designer. As a brush font, it features uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, general punctuation marks, as well as over 132 unique characters – perfect for logo designs, certificate layouts, and theme projects with its bold rough characters making an excellent headline choice in your creative projects. Bathi can be freely used both personally and commercially and is even available in multiple languages!

The Cat Has a Hat:

The Cat Has a Hat is a 1957 children’s book written and illustrated by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss, featuring a boy and his sister sitting alone in their house on a rainy day, staring longingly out their window until suddenly, they hear an unexpected loud bump and the Cat in the Hat appears, inviting them to play along with him and his repertoire of tricks.

Cat attempts to lure them with his hat, but they are disinterested and order him away immediately. Unwilling to obey, Cat releases Thing One and Thing Two into the house to cause chaos.

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