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Windlass Font:

Windlass Font Download Free is an innovative typeface that seamlessly marries medieval and gothic elements with a modern aesthetic.

Its bold lines intertwine with subtle decorative features to form an eye-catching visual balance while remaining easily legible; making this font the ideal choice for designs seeking drama and antiquity.


Windlass font is an eye-catching font that blends elements from medieval and gothic styles into a design that speaks directly to modern audiences. Its bold lines and decorative features are ideal for projects requiring drama or antiquity; its legibility ensures it remains legible across a range of sizes and mediums, making Windlass an excellent choice for print as well as digital content production.

This font was designed by David F. Nalle as part of the Scriptorium Font Library collection and can freely used for personal or educational use as long as the original author’s license is respected. However, for commercial usage, you must obtain a commercial license directly from them.

Font used in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief movie from 2010 directed by Chris Columbus and featuring Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson from the Rick Riordan book series

Windlass is an adaptable font suitable for many uses, from book covers and movie posters to logos and digital content. Its bold lines and decorative elements provide dramatic flair while its legibility ensures it remains legible across a range of environments.


Windlass font exudes power and authority while featuring subtle decorative elements. Its distinctive characteristics have made it popular with designers seeking to add drama and intrigue to their projects, with slight variations in thickness and intricate ornamental details that capture medieval craftsmanship while remaining legible for modern audiences. Furthermore, its design connects history and contemporary art while standing out among similar historical fonts.

Uppercase letters in this font were carefully crafted to convey power and authority while its lowercase maintained readability for traditional and digital applications alike. With its distinctive blend of old and new characteristics and blend of old and new font features, it makes this font perfect for use across various applications, from book covers to movie posters. Furthermore, its signature features make it a favorite choice among storytellers looking to add an air of history or adventure to their stories.

The font is available free for personal use. Ideal for retro projects, shirts, craft projects and procreate designs alike – you can see exactly how your text looks using an online preview feature!


Windlass, part of the Scriptorium Fonts Collection. Boasting strong lines combined with subtle decorative elements and legible letterforms, its design draws inspiration from medieval and gothic styles but with enough modern flare to transcend traditionalism. Capital letters exude power while lowercase remains legible making this font suitable for use on book covers, movie posters, or any visual media content.

Windlass font’s distinctive style can in its glyphs. Which feature intricate ornamental details and variations in thickness that add depth and intrigue. Creators who want their projects to convey history or adventure often utilize Windlass as it works across various sizes and mediums and is an indispensable resource for designers who seek timeless designs.

This font is free for personal use; if you intend on commercially exploiting it, however, contact its author first for an official license. Downloading is available for both Windows and MAC OS via this link; compressed in.ZIP format ensures no malware or viruses. Once installed on your computer double-click its file and select “Install”, as follows.

Opentype features:

Windlass font’s distinctive characteristics make it a fantastic choice for designs that evoke an authentic sense of history and adventure. Boasting delicate variations in thickness and decorative features. Each letter of Windlass was meticulously hand-crafted to tell its narrative while remaining legible. Furthermore, this font provides additional tools for designers crafting original compositions.

David F. Nalle created the Windlass font as part of his Scriptorium Fonts collection, known for blending historical accuracy with artistic merit. Nalle has previously designed many other historical fonts such as Slipstream (1995 Rennie Mackintosh style lettering), Dungeon Blocks Filled, Greko Deco (based on El Greco Adornado by Fundacion Richard Gans), Zoom as well as free fonts like Abigail Click Clack Drawing El Franco Helion Lead Paint Schema

With our text generator tool, it’s simple and fast to transform Windlass text into attractive text graphics for use in web projects or printed materials. Just enter your text below and choose your font options to see an instant preview of your results.

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