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Akira Expanded Font:

Akira Expanded Font Download Free is an eye-catching modern sans serif font designed to create powerful posters and establish memorable brand identities.

This bold display font stands out and is ideal for use in high-end design projects. Complete with uppercase letters, punctuation marks, and numbers – making this font suitable for an array of uses!

Bold and Sophisticated:

Akira Expanded Font is an eye-catching modern sans serif designed by Typologic that boasts an attractive design with plenty of eye-catching details. An instant hit in the market due to its elegant and sophisticated style, Akira Expanded has quickly become a market favorite thanks to its sophisticated elegance. Pairing well with multiple projects and especially advertisements; logo design projects; websites/apps as a text display font.

Akira stands out with its fresh geometric style and strong yet friendly personality to provide any project with an attractive appearance. This font offers an extensive collection of glyphs for customization to meet the specific design needs of any design project; plus multilingual support for over 70 languages! It is available in regular, italic, and expanded weights as well as regular/italic/expanded combinations for ease of use.

Akira’s unique texture makes it easy to combine it with other fonts to produce striking and eye-catching designs, especially when used with Nike Just Do It Font, for example. Additionally, Akira works particularly well when creating posters and banners with fashion brands or homeware products in mind; furthermore, it makes an excellent choice when writing documents and books professionally as it has a clean appearance and legible writing characteristics.


This font’s versatility is undeniable, enabling you to elevate designs of all kinds. With its bold aesthetic that complements many applications from logos to branding materials and beyond. Plus, its distinctive geometric forms and powerful curves will lend an air of confidence and sophistication to your brand!

Akira Expanded is a modern sans serif typeface create by a Typologic font-design foundry, featuring three styles that you can combine for the desired look. Ideal for posters, social media posts, e-commerce website headers, and app headers alike!

This versatile and striking font is essential for upscale designs that require an impactful presence. With an all-caps design that’s ideal for large headlines and blocks of text, perfect spacing, and glyphs make this font easy to read and follow – plus, it works perfectly when combined with other fonts like Roboto to provide your audience with an immersive visual experience.

These 20 extended fonts will help add professional touches to your designs or elevate the image of your brand, leaving an impactful lasting impression on audiences. Each font was selected with care to bring out its message more effectively and leave audiences with lasting memories of its message.

Multilingual Support:

Akira Expanded is an expressive display sans-serif font with geometric forms and bold curves that evoke a strong and bold aesthetic. Ideal for creating striking headers or titles that demand attention, Akira Expanded also excels when used in advertisements or other projects that require an impressive and distinguished appearance.

Akira, who possesses psychokinetic abilities, has seen them take control of his personality. He displays no facial expression and rarely speaks or reacts, although when he does he often criticizes the government for its corruption and inefficiency. Furthermore, Akira lives alone despite being able to interact with everyone via telepathy; further isolating him mentally from others.

Akira font is an eye-catching bold sans serif font with contemporary styling and impeccable spacing, ideal for use in display projects, heavy titles, and logos. Additionally, multilingual support makes this font especially useful – meaning that it can be utilized across numerous languages and dialects.

Typologic has created the Akira font as a modern, geometric sans serif designed specifically to support multiple languages. Available in multiple weights and with an array of glyphs to aid translation processes. Free for personal and commercial projects alike – however for optimal results it works best when combined with Verdana font.

Opentype Features:

Akira Expanded is a geometric sans serif font designed by Typologic with an eye-catching display look and unique glyphs that exude modernity. Perfect for logos, banners, or text design projects alike; Akira Expanded also comes with italic versions to allow designers more control in their creations.

This modern font is ideal for many projects, from brand identities to book covers. Its sleek lines and bold curves create a striking aesthetic, adding drama to any design. Furthermore, its versatility makes it suitable for Brutalism posters or minimalist designs while creating eye-catching social media posts and album covers are among its capabilities.

Akira Expanded provides more than its striking aesthetic: it also boasts an array of OpenType features. From multiple weights and styles to several swash variants and italic versions. Furthermore, Akira Expanded boasts an extensive library of glyphs that make customizing designs easy.

This fantastic font can be utilized in an assortment of creative designs, such as movie logos and banners, creating elegant yet effective combinations with Straight Outta Cannon Font for even greater impact. Additionally, its modern yet clean style makes it great for business cards or letterheads as it stands out among the competition.

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