iOS 11 Emoji Fonts APK for Android

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iOS 11 Emoji Fonts:

Android has its own emojis set and iOS has its own emojis. However, you can download external emojis on your Andriod devices from the store while iOS has only its stock emojis which are much better than external. One of the best things about iOS devices is their Emojis. If you are an iOS user and then shift to Android then there are chances that you will not like Andriod Emojis. iOS Emoji are really cool and make the user experience much better.

Emojis are not my favourite always but sometimes it is very much useful. There are lots of people who already like emojis and use them extensively. Some of my friends have all the answers in Emoji form. That is some kind of annoying sometimes but sometimes it’s fun. If you like the iOS emojis the most you can use them.

iOS Emoji for Android:

iOS 11 emoji on Andriod is now available. The emojis are kind of the same as the Andriod one but in iOS, the emojis were not changed much. Also, Apple updates its emojis from time to time with new ones according to the user’s needs. They look more appealing and with every iOS update the emojis area is added and some small changes are made.

Have you always wanted to get iOS 11 Emoji on your Andriod device but your device is not rooted? Then you are at the right place, There are many new characters more than 70 newly added characters, and 239 new emojis including the genders and skin tones of each emoji.

The most popular emojis that were added are the smileys. There are 9 new smiley emojis adds to the list and a lot of improvement on the previous emojis. We all use emojis throughout the day when we are having a conversation to express ourselves.

How to Install iOS 11 Emoji Fonts on your Device:

  1. Download the latest version of iOS 11 Emoji Fonts from our website, the link is given above.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. In one of the extracted folders, you will find a file called iOS 11 Emoji Fonts.
  4. Go to the System Fonts folder.
  5. Here you will find a file of “iOS 11 Emoji font” already present.
  6. Back up your folder somewhere on your phone.
  7. Copy the downloaded file and paste it into the system/fonts folder.
  8. Set the appropriate permission Unknown Sources.
  9. Restart.
  10. Done!

Download Link:

We were able to change our Font to an iOS 11 Emojis Font. If you found this useful. Then feel free to share posts with your friends and family members. Who would like to install iOS 11 Emoji Fonts on their devices? You can leave your reply below in the comments section.

If you getting this done and I will try my best to assist you very soon. We provide the latest version of iOS 11 Emoji Fonts at the top of the post. Download it and enjoy your favorite Fonts.

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