iOS 15 Emoji Font APK Download for Android

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iOS 15 Emoji Font:

Emojis have become an important part of chatting. We often use emojis to express the situation. Nearly every single emotion has been redesigned through the years. Most smartphone users use emojis as it is an easy way of showing emotions. Using an emoji is faster and simpler than trying to explain your emotion in the text. Andriod emojis look dull when compared to Whatsapp, Facebook, and even iOS. Now with the latest iOS 15, there are more than 100 new emojis including new gender variations of the bride, Groom, transgender flags, and LGBTQ+icons. Now you can easily get the iOS 15 Emoji font for android devices easily using the below-given methods.

iOS 15 Emojis download, its resolution is 600×600 and the resolution can be changed at any time according to your needs after downloading. Download and install emoji font 15 APK from the below download button. Download iOS 15, iPad OS 15, macOS 12 wallpapers. iOS 14 Pinched fingers emoji. New emojis, and emoji image comparisons.

Apple, A well-Known tech giant has recently introduced the latest version of the operating system for their iPhone known as iOS 15. With bundles of a bunch of features that are extremely useful such as focus mode and share play. However, the new software version is only available for the iPhone launched after 6s. Among them, Apple introduces 100+ emojis with the iOS 15. A Developer has carried out all the emojis that you can get on Android devices. Keep reading, How to set iOS Emoji Fonts in any Android Device.

How to get iOS 15 Emoji font on Android:

To get iOS 15 emojis on Andriod devices you need to follow the following given steps.

  1. Download and install the iOS 15 Emoji Font APK from the link given above the post here.
  2. Open the App and grant all the permissions.
  3. Now scroll down and under the Emoji, select iOS emojis.
  4. Click download.
  5. Once download, Click on apply.
  6. Now, if your device supports changing of emojis, then you will get different options to apply the iOS emojis on your Andriod device.
  7. Follow the instructions and you are good to go.

Download Link:

This method should work for you if you are facing any issues comment below and we will do our best to resolve them for you. If you are an iPhone fan but stuck with an Andriod, You can learn how to convert your Andriod interface to be just like iOS. If you are a pure Andriod fan and using an Andriod other than Pixel, you can download the Google Pixel launcher on your phone to get the pixel experience.

3.8 67 votes
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