Fonts Keyboard APK V4.4.3.17128 for Android

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Fonts Keyboard APK:

The Fonts Keyboard app for Android comes with over 60 different font styles. It supports over 40 popular types of letters and has a variety of other features. Also includes more than 2000 emoji arts and emoticons. It has an auto-correct input feature that will correct mistakes in your typing. This app also has a word prediction feature. You can even customize your text themes to fit the theme of your phone or tablet.

Common Keyboards:

One of the most common keyboard apps for Android is the Fonts keyboard. It’s free and will work on most phones. It has an extensive selection of stylish fonts, is simple to install, and works in all of your favorite apps. There’s even a section for emojis and figures that you can use instead of the standard fonts. If you’re looking for a keyboard that’s designed for creative text, this app is worth a look.


One of the best features of this keyboard is its range of fonts. If you’re into tattoos or the Gothic style, you’ll find an appropriate font in Fonts Pro Keyboard. If you’re a housewife, you’ll find a romantic-themed font in the App Store. Whether you’re a tattoo artist or a housewife, you’ll find your niche in Fonts Pro Keyboard. It’s an app that will make your virtual life brighter and more enjoyable.

Wide range of options:

One of the best things about Fonts Keyboard for Android is its wide range of options. You can choose a font from a variety of categories, and choose between a variety of font styles. The main font section has over 40 fonts, and there’s even a special section for emojis and figures. You can use this keyboard for social networking and creative writing on your phone. With its numerous customization options, it is an essential part of your phone.

Fonts keyboard for Android:

Apart from being visually appealing, Fonts Keyboard for Android has an easy-to-use interface. It’s not overloaded with options and is intuitive to use. You can switch between different font styles and color schemes, and set them as your default in your messaging app. Besides, it has great support for various popular messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Lastly, it’s easy to customize and change your keyboard for your mobile.

This app comes with tons of fonts, emojis, and styles. You can choose from a wide range of different fonts and choose the one you prefer. It’s easy to install and can be used with any app on your phone. There are many benefits of using this keyboard. It can make you feel special every time you communicate with people, and it is an important part of your daily life. It can even help you promote your business.

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