DaFont APK [Download] for Android

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DaFont APK:

As we all know that Android smartphones have font styles already embedded inside them. But those are the fixed and limited number of font styles for a user to choose from. Many smartphone users need several other fonts for designing, writing, and for other visual clues.

This APK allows the users to have access to unlimited free fonts with an offline availability feature. It is a great tool for those who are interested in “typography” and know the value of fonts that hold a lot of weight on the overall feel of the content. These fonts can be a huge impact on the feeling, voice, and message of your brand and content.

Importance of Fonts:

Using the right and relevant font makes the customer get attracts to your brand and content. They can change the mind of customers if used falsely. Fonts can be appealing to the reader in many ways according to their tradition, taste, and preferability. You can use different font types and sizes to differentiate the texts that are most important.

Why DaFont?

That’s the question you would’ve been thinking, right?

So, you see there are many apps and websites offering fonts but what they provide is outdated and old in nature. DaFont allows the end-users to have access to the trendy and updated fonts according to the taste of this generation and the old ones. The new setup provides a categorized collection of fonts according to scripts, displays, and themes.

All the fonts can browse easily in the search option. It allows the client to make shortcuts to font bundles, categories, and the font itself on his home screen or on the desktop. This application allows the client to install unlimited font styles, themes, and several key features which discuss next.

Key Features of DaFont:

  • It provides a variety of stylish fonts for every sort of content.
  • Ensures the availability of updated and trendy fonts from all over the world.
  • Delivers you an easily understandable interface that can handle conveniently by the client.
  • All the premium and golden fonts can be reached and used for free (without any fee or charges)
  • The fonts can easily be shared with many social media applications.
  • No complicated registration processes are there.
  • The users can get over 100 million fonts.
  • This APK is easy to install and the process is so quick.
  • It doesn’t interrupt the working by displaying or playing ads.
  • All the fonts are categorized according to themes and background. So, they can easily browse or found.
  • The user can browse the font by searching its name.
  • All Virus detection apps have approved it to be safe and not harmful.

Downloading Process of DaFont APK and Installation:

So before guiding you all about the process of Downloading DaFont APK. Let me tell you, users, what APK is. Android Package Kit is an android application package file format used by the developers to distribute and install software on Android OS devices. Installing Apps via APK is easily understandable and can be done conveniently by every user.

  1. Users can download DaFont APK by clicking the “Download” option on the screen.
  2. After that APK will download in the Download folder in ‘File Manager” of the phone.
  3. Next, open the APK by clicking/tapping on it and it will redirect you to the installation process.
  4. Tap/Click “start” option and there you have the downloaded fonts.
  5. Enjoy using a variety of fonts.


DaFont APK allows the end-users to use and apply different fonts designs, colors and sizes according to their preferences and needs. These font styles are the major source of attracting readers towards the content or the brand.

This App is totally safe for devices and uses by millions of users till now. So, it highly recommends downloading the application in order to have effective written content.

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