Stylish Tamil Fonts Free Download

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Stylish Tamil Fonts:

Stylish Tamil Fonts Free Download: The best way to type in Tamil is by using an English-to-Tamil transliteration software like Azhagi.

It will help you save time and effort by avoiding typing mistakes. Moreover, you can easily create professional-looking documents without having to learn the Tamil keyboard layout. Also, Stylish Tamil Fonts Free Download will enable you to make use of more features than the traditional non-Unicode Tamil fonts.


Thevaki is a Stylish Tamil Fonts Free Download font for use on screen and in print. It is available for free download and features multiple styles of text and numerals. It can be used in both Tamil and English languages. This font can be installed on both Mac and Windows computers. It is also compatible with a wide range of font managers. This font is available in TrueType format. It is a great choice for professional and personal use.

Other free and open-licensed Tamil fonts include Adinatha Tamil Brahma, which is based on the old Brahmi script that is believed to be the progenitor of several daughter and granddaughter scripts across India and Southeast Asia. It has the potential to become a universal font for Tamil and other Indian languages. The font includes a set of numerals, punctuation marks, and ligatures, and can be found on GitHub.

There are many other free and open-licensed Tamil fonts for desktop and mobile. These include:

CK-Aaezhai, TAM-Kamban-Normal, TAM-Nerunal, TAM-Nettill, TAM-Kamban-Pidi, TAM-Porppu, TAM-Pozhil, TAM-Puravi, TAM-Adavi, TAM-Amar, TAM-Ava, TAM-Nalinam, and TAM-Vendhan. These fonts are developed by Chennai Kavigal and can be downloaded from here.

In addition, several commercial fonts offer Tamil support. These fonts include Utkal Medium (2003, Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd, Bangalore), Padmaa Bold and Medium (2006, Monotype), and Neue Frutiger Tamil (2018), created by Pria Ravichandran and a team of designers at the Monotype Studio under the direction of Monotype Type Director Akira Kobayashi. Other commercial Tamil fonts include the humanist sans FontForge and t1utils, designed by Sam Sirlin and Oliver Corff; and Olivine (2021, a 121-style sans superfamily from URW that includes a Tamil variant).


The Trinco font is a stylish Tamil font that can be used for logos, covers, branding projects, housewares designs, or simply as a text overlay on any background image. It is available for free for personal knowledge and use, but contact the author for commercial use.

Fernando de Mello Vargas is a graphic designer and type designer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. So, He is the co-designer of the Latin/Tamil family Frida, which won an award at Tipos Latinos 2008. He studied design at the University of Reading and interned at Black[Foundry]. He has also worked on font development at Adobe, designing the Tamil and Bengali fonts Mello Sans and Mello Sans Script.

Mello Sans Script is a sans serif with rounded corners and wide proportions. It is available in both upright and slanted styles. The fonts include a large selection of glyphs, including ligatures and special characters for the Tamil language. The font is compatible with Unicode.

Pria Ghose designed the monolinear Latin / Devanagari typefaces Palanquin Dark and Palanquin in 2014 at Google Web Fonts, which also cover Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Burmese, Khmer, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Sinhalese, and Oriya. She also designed Catamaran, a contemporary sans family for Latin and Tamil, which is now a free Google Font.

Other free Tamil fonts include ETTamilNew (designed by Ernst Tremel, a German-type designer) and the monolinear Tamil/Kannada/Bengali font ShiDeva, which includes a volt table.


Bamini is a non-Unicode Tamil font available for free download. It is a non-serif, simple, and easy-to-read font that works well on MS Word. It also works on Linux and macOS computers. Bamini is available in a wide range of sizes and styles. This makes it a great choice for web design and other applications.

This font is designed by Bharatham Software, a company based in Tamil Nadu, India. It is named after an ancient Tamil script style that was popular in early Tamil literature. It is still widely used for printing and typesetting because it is very clear and can be easily viewed by people with different vision abilities.

Unicode Tamil fonts differ from non-Unicode Tamil fonts because they use the Universal Character Encoding for Tamil to encode text. Unicode Tamil fonts are portable, which means that they can be used on any device. They can be installed on your PC, mobile phone, or tablet, and will appear in the list of available fonts when you open a document in a text editor like Microsoft Word.

To install the fonts, simply download and extract the files from the link provided above. Once you have extracted the file, double-click on it to install. Once the fonts are installed, restart any applications you want to use them in. You can then select them from the list of available fonts and start typing.


Tscii is a stylish Tamil font available for free download. Its glyphs are based on the old forms of Tamil characters such as ‘lai’ and ‘nai’, which makes it more legible than other popular Tamil fonts. This is an excellent font for those who want to write Tamil in a modern, stylish, and professional way. It also supports a variety of keyboard layouts, making it easy for anyone to use.

Until early 2000, leading Tamil magazines and newspapers (like Ananda Vikatan, Kumdum, Dina Mani, etc) had their own proprietary encoding and font schemes. As a result, it was difficult to read these articles unless you had a particular font installed on your computer.

Today, most magazines and newspapers have switched to Unicode. However, some of these companies still have their own encoding and font schemes in place. As a result, it’s difficult to exchange emails with them if you don’t have the same fonts installed on your system.

Fortunately, Unicode has provided us with many alternatives to the traditional Tamil encoding scheme and fonts. There are multilingual fonts such as ‘Arial Unicode MS’ that are installed during the full installation of certain Microsoft applications, and there are bilingual fonts such as ‘SaiIndira’ that are available for free download. These fonts map glyphs for characters in the TACE16 block as well as ASCII, so you can read files that were created with non-Unicode Tamil text.

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