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What is Roboto Slab Font?

Here we are going to tell you about the Roboto Slab Font. Roboto is a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface family developed by Google. As the system font for its mobile operating system Android and released in 2011 for Android 4.0. The entire font family has been licensed under the Apache license. In 2014 Roboto was redesigned for Android 5.0.

A web-safe font is one that will look the same to every search engine and visitor, regardless of the device or browser they are using. Roboto has a dual nature. It has a mechanical skeleton and the forms are largely geometric. At the same time, the font features friendly and open curves.

Roboto Slab Font:

While it may seem inconsequential, selecting a font is a crucial decision for anyone starting a blog or website. You should choose a font that not only reflects your brand’s style but is also we-safe and friendly. These fonts can be understood in HTML or hypertext markup language, which is the basic coding language that every website is built on.

This is the Roboto Slab family, which can be used alongside the normal Roboto family and Roboto Condensed family. Roboto Slab Font is free for personal use and also free for commercial use. The licensed or this font is free for both uses.

Usage of Roboto Slab Font:

Here we will tell you where you can use the Roboto Slab Font for free. Also, we are mention every place where this font is used. So you can use Roboto Slab Font according to your wish.

  • Roboto Slab Font is mostly used in Android. Meanwhile, Roboto is the default font on Android.
  • It is used in many Google services such as Google Play, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Images.
  • Roboto Slab Font was also used on the LCD countdown clocks of the New York City Subway’s B Division lines.

Roboto Slab Font Features:

If you have an Android device, you might recognize Roboto Slab Font. This sans-serif font was developed for the Google mobile operating system and is both modern and simple. Because it has six weights, each with an Italic variety. You have plenty of options with this one.

How to Download and Install Roboto Slab Font?

  1. Before starting downloading first select your operating windows. That supports the downloaded app.
  2. Now download the latest version of Roboto Slab Font from the given link above.
  3. Locate your downloaded file.
  4. Unzip the file and extract the file.
  5. Start to install the Roboto Slab Font in your system.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  7. Now enjoy your fonts free.


Mostly Roboto Slab fonts are used in Google services. Also, this is used to design a website and make it beautiful. We already mentioned above where you use your Roboto Slab Font. So you need to go above post to get all information. We are here to help you if you face any problems.

Keep connected with us for more fonts details and new updates for the future. We also posted previously about the different fonts. So visit our website for other apps and new versions. Thank you for connecting with us.

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