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Google Fonts – Poppins:

In addition to the free Carme open source font, you can also choose from Abhaya Libre, Charter, Source Serif Pro, and many others. These fonts rely on advertising to stay in business. You can also check out other popular open-source fonts in the Google Fonts directory, including Poppins.

Below, we’ll cover some of the best choices. While this article won’t be exhaustive, it should provide you with a good starting point for choosing your new fonts.


Poppins is an attractive geometric sans-serif typeface that was created by the Indian Type Foundry. The typeface is suitable for both text and display contexts. It supports the Devanagari writing system, which is used for more than 150 languages including Hindi and Sanskrit.

Available in nine weights, Poppins is a versatile choice for headlines and body text. The Google Roboto font was launched in March 2013 and was updated in 2018 to a sans-serif version. It comes in a variety of styles, including thin, light, and regular.

This typeface can be used for both desktop and mobile applications and is highly readable. Caladea is another contemporary Google font, derived from Cambo. Its light, regular, and bold weights make it an ideal choice for headlines and pull quotes.

Abhaya Libre:

Abhaya Libre is a modern sans-serif typeface redrawn from the original FM Abhaya typeface. Available in 5 weights, the typeface features 925 glyphs and is suitable for both display and text usage. Its compact ‘Da’ forms and clean rendering of Sinhala texts make it a great choice for modern typographic layouts.

The original Sinhala style was the inspiration behind the design of the original Abhaya Libre. It was inspired by the style of the Sinhala language and has some inherited characteristics from the Didone typeface. The font includes Sinhala forms for certain terminals.

The heights and position on the baseline of the Latin characters were also carefully studied. Abhaya Libre is a free, open-source font.


The Charter font is a surprisingly versatile choice for long texts and books. Though the design closely resembles that of the Adobe Source Serif Pro, it is only available in three weights in Google Fonts. The good news is that it is free. If you don’t like the look of Charter, you can always switch to a different font.

Despite the free version, however, some critics feel that Charter is more like an amateur than a professional. Although Poppins shares some of the same characteristics with Sofia Pro from the Google Fonts library, the fonts are slightly different in terms of uppercase letters and overall height.

This means that Poppins is the best choice for body text and headlines, and Sofia Pro is best for smaller, more delicate work. For a more detailed review of both fonts, consider subscribing to the Google Fonts newsletter.

Source Serif Pro:

Known for its clean, modern letter shapes, the free Adobe typeface Source Serif Pro is the perfect choice for use on digital screens. It’s based loosely on the work of French type designer Pierre Simon Fournier and has undergone a series of revisions by Frank Griesshammer.

If you’re looking for a font with a vintage feel, consider trying the sans serif style, which has an underlying, humanist design. The Sans Serif counterpart of Adelle is Georgia, a transitional serif typeface designed by Matthew Carter. The free Source Serif Pro is similar to Georgia, but it has a more rounded shape.

Another free font that closely resembles Georgia is Boxed, a semi-modular geometric typeface by Tipo Pepel. Both fonts are available in several weights. However, the premium font EB Garamond is largely unsuited to this application.


Another one of the popular free fonts is the geometric sans-serif typeface called Poppins. Poppins was published by the Indian Type Foundry in 2014 and is now free on Google Fonts. It is described as an internationalist take on the geometric sans genre.

It comes in nine weights with corresponding italics. If you’re looking for a premium typeface with a similar style, you should try Boxed. Google Fonts is a collection of 1,406 open source fonts that include icons for everyday actions.

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There are icons for common things like coffee, toilet paper, and the alphabet. You can even use the fonts for your digital products. Just make sure to use a browser that supports Google Fonts. Otherwise, you’ll end up with invisible text or a flashing effect. To avoid this problem, you can choose to host Google Fonts locally or download them.

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